Beautiful Birthdays!


Just past the midnight my hunger led me to the kitchen to boil some milk where my starving sister arrived too and had ordered a Mc Donald's burger. She offered me half of her delicious burger and reminded me that we have our birthdays today which we coincidently share on the same date.

So, we went on with our meal discussing movies, music and pretty much same banal reviews that we always share. I once again took the opportunity to prove how Quentin Tarantino is the best director and she as always explained that she is still struggling to watch any of his movies as yet.

Then we went on for a retrospect into when we last celebrated our birthday and that was 15 years ago when were kids and bought some chips, biscuits and coke and two of us with our brother celebrated like some luxurious party.

We showed satisfaction that we generally avoid celebrating our birthdays and debated on why it does not make any sense concluding very quickly that its "because its so weird and really doesn't make any sense at all."

As we got over the invectives levelled on birthday celebrations, we realized this is probably the best birthday celebration we ever attended!


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