1.- ' DARK DAY ' - Views from abroad :

Justified or not, the world looks to the United States to take the lead in many areas. The anti-democratic actions of President Trump over the last four weeks have made the whole world hold its breath.

Whether one votes left, right or center, what is important is that elections remain free, fair and democratic and the rule of law is upheld.

President Trump has shown complete disregard for all these precepts. When will this man be held to account for what is more and nothing less than an attempted coup?

In the same breath that I censure all these Republican senators and Trump supporters who know that  what they are doing is wrong, but are doing it anyway. I praise unreservedly all those Republicans who have refused to collaborate with this usurper.

Their integrity and faith in the democratic political system have helped save the day. [Gary Keen, Emsdetten, Germany].

2.- Over the course of last week's events, there has been much concern expressed over the world's eyes being on America.

Your country's status as a ''shining city on the hill'' and a ''beacon of democracy'' is being seriously compromised, it seems.

Get over yourself, America.

First of all, you are NOT the model of democracy at work, because you are not even a democracy. You are a republic slavishly clinging to a broken system that assures you will forever elect presidents and other representatives whose beliefs reflect a minority of the populace.

Your hypocrisy is laid bare at every turn, such as evangelicals who embrace guns and Donald Trump.

There's your atrocious civil rights record that continues today with voter suppression and the caging of children.

So rest assured, America, your status as a global role model is not at risk, because it was an illusion to begin with.

[Brian Smith, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada]


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