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STUDENT HUSSAIN ALI : FOUNDER FRAMER : ENGINEER, MOUNTAINEER is by any measure one of the best there is and a fearless leader on The World Students Society - for every subject in the world.

VERY, VERY few students in the world - I found to be of the class of  this great thinker and genius. That he is a devoted learner, and a special practitioner of the art of governance, you will be soon watching him rise to great and unprecedented heights.

On The World Students Society, all the Global Founder Framers hold the same class as Student Hussain Ali. I rise to give all of them a standing ovation, a special hug, and pray to Almighty God for their immeasurable success.

ATTACKING THE DEVIL : At the end of Craig Foster's 2020 documentary film MY OCTOPUS TEACHER - he shows his son the wonders of nature along the shore and the sea.

He says the most important thing to learn is a gentleness that thousands of hours in nature can teach a child.

The word ''gentleness'' suddenly stood out and could well be the best description of the film. It is a word rarely used today. One is more likely to hear the words 'success', 'ambition' or 'being tough' in an ungiving world.

Today, the word gentleness is more likely to be used as a quality to sell face cream, pampers of bedsheets rather than as a spiritual value. Once a quality to be nurtured, gentleness gradually becomes associated with high birth, and soon lost its value as education and power spread across class.

Today, we rarely hear people being described as gentlemen, as its extension, gentrification, acquired a negative connotation of deliberate exclusivity.

Gentleness as a quality is seen as sentimental, mawkish or weak - people who can be easily pushed around, who live in a bubble and are not empowered to survive the challenges of life today. Often perceived as a feminine emotion, men in particular who are naturally gentle are encouraged to keep it hidden.

! I PAUSE ! : JOBLESS AND SOMEWHAT EMPLOYED WAHEED EHSAM WRITES : The discontent experienced by young students/people during the last couple of years is unparalleled.

This is partly attributed to the weak economy, high unemployment rate and the stopping of the manufacturing wheel. Unemployment has never been worse. It is wrong to blame the coronavirus for all of it.

Every year, a few thousand university graduates expect to start a professional career. However, most of them face nothing but embarrassment and disappointment as soon as they move into the job market.

THE 'NEW NORMAL' for new graduates to work pro bono to gain to gain experience for a few months. Is this an ethical and a lawful move?

This abuse in the work market has been experienced by a number of my colleagues. Employers tend to hire new graduates to work for free and do not even pay a single penny for meals and travel allowances.

Experienced practitioners, on the other hand, face similar obstacles. The previous development was not sustained due to weak economic policies. Inflation is rising and so are downsizing and layoffs. Over three million individuals are feared to lose their jobs.

No new industries are being created, and, while coronavirus undeniably affected the economy, it is wrong to blame the virus for everything. The human component is also undeniably there.

THE ONLY circumstances where gentleness has remained acceptable is in parenting, teaching or healing professions., in contrast to 'tough love' parenting, strictness in the classroom or dispassionate professionalism.

Popular culture is filled with innocuous gentle giant characters - characters that are large and strong but are not violent or aggressive, from King Kong to John Coffey in the film The Green Mile.

In a food-chain defined world of 'eat or be eaten' gentleness seems a recipe for failure. Yet gentleness is a much stronger quality that the reputation it has acquired.

The philosopher Anne Dufourmantelle reminds us that key moments of our lives, especially at the beginning and end are marked by gentleness. She suggests gentleness is an extraordinary force of resistance within ethics and politics. Gentleness is not just noble, but intelligent and powerful.

A gentle person remains calm, consistent, puts people at ease, is active not reactive, brings about change through persuasion rather than intimidation, and can wait patiently for opposition to breakdown over time.

Gentleness, as a choice, is an act of strength, John Locke believes. ''Gentleness is far more successful in all its enterprises than violence; indeed, violence generally frustrates its own purpose, while gentleness scarcely ever fails.

The 13th century Sheikh Edebali, in his famous verses, for King Osman, Now You Are King!, advises qualities of calmness, tolerance, encouragement, forgiveness, unifying people in the face of wrath, disunity and indolence.

His contemporary, Jalauddin Rumi, wrote : ''Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers not thunder.''

The Honor and Serving of Global Operational Research on Leaders and Qualities, continues. As ever, The World Students Society thanks author Durriya Kazi.

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