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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY WISHES 'A Very Happy New Year' to the whole world and encloses prayers for every well-being for Mankind for the year ahead.

!WOW! also feels that This Moment may just be so ripe for brainstorming. The new digital landscape is a poignant opportunity for integrating ideas - the 'only one-student-can-speak-at-a-time' paradigm is fizzling out as teachers keep the chat box busy.

In the process, children may be learning to become better listeners and readers as they keep pace with discussions in the chat box and onscreen texts.

'The Founder Framers have always felt the honor and responsibility to inspire and to get the students to reach for the world, the sun, moon and stars. To the degree they have succeeded so far, will be for History and future generations to judge '.

At the very core of the Founder Framers thinking has been to make aware, the importance of critical thinking. In critical thinking, the pendulum swings between possibilities. It is a journey away from the status quo, focusing on the endeavour to produce new means and innovative knowledge.

The result is a wide array of skills, ranging from problem solving and decision making to foresight and creativity.

CAN WE ALL RECOGNISE FAKE NEWS when we come across it? Can we sift out relevant information from a detailed text? Do we know how to weigh possibilities and -

And perspective and present them in equal measure in a logically structured way, reflecting on the loopholes in our view point? This is just the tip of the iceberg when we consider what critical thinking skills can do for students' learning.

IN PROUD PAKISTAN - Just recently a group of teachers sat to discuss the power of critical thinking, and how it is a significant learning tool to inculcate in the world's younger generations for the progress of education in the country.

A couple of minutes later, in the same conversation, they also lamented how students don't listen and demand a reason for everything before they accept instructions.

Reasoning and logic leads to rationality and acceptance of directives, and if the students were to be taught critical-thinking skills, wouldn't they be expected to question instructions before they process, understand and accept them?

The World Students Society wants to give the world to the students of the whole world and help them reach for the sun, moon and stars, but we are paradoxically resistant on the rocky road that leads them there.

Critical-thinking skills do not spring out of a magician's hat, but in a dramatic burst of energy. In fact, they are a result of painstaking process of building and rebuilding with carefully wielded teaching tools in the hands of the educators who have learnt to develop it as a social culture rather than an activity.

It has to be built into the ethos of the school, and manifests itself in students' interaction with peers and teachers, reflects in the leadership of the organization and upholds the academic benchmark set by the school.

Critical thinking skills demand a degree of involvement that is born out of immersive learning experience - focused on communication - and cannot grow like a lone flower in isolation.

The pandemic climate has provided teachers with fertile ground to encourage communications between students in online lessons.

They may not get a chance to meet physically, play or work together, but they have a ready platform to communicate their ideas and, if teachers were to hone these communication skills, which are a vital cog for critical analysis, they would help steer children toward constructive learning experience.

The perspicacious ones can get to 'teach' the others, the opportunity is ripe for brainstorming, the chat box is a treasure trove that can produce instant answers from students who normally don't speak up in class and provide real-time feedback.

Teachers also have to access to an unprecedented supply of visual prompts that take seconds to download, videos and music to aid learning, interactive worksheets to help with assessments - to top it off, the ''mute all'' button has done wonders for classroom management.

Interestingly, research has found that students are becoming braver with their ideas and producing a mix of whacky out-of-the-box answers as they are sheltered from the intimidation of a live classroom.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on World, Times, Needs and Education, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Neda Mulji.

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