The New York Times, three daily book critics - Dwight Garner, Parul Sehgal and Jennifer Szalai share their thoughts about their favorites among the books they reviewed this year, each list alphabetical by author.


1.- Homeland Elegies by Ayad Akhtar

This beautiful novel, about an American son and his immigrant father, has echoes of ''The Great Gatsby'' and circles, with pointed intellect, the possibilities and limitations of American life. Its author is best known as Playwright.

In 2013, Akhtar won a Pulitzer Prize for ''Disgraced,'' a dinner-party gone wrong drama that deals with Muslim American life, Sept. 11, money and politics.

This novel, too, confronts Muslim American experience. [The father is an elite heart specialist who treats Donald J Trump in the 1990s and becomes enamored with him.] 

''Homeland Elegies'' is a lover's quarrel with this country, and it has seriousness and candor to burn.

2.- The Power Of Adrienne Rich : A Biography

by Hilary Holladay.

This is the first proper biography of this important poet, essayist and feminist, and it's a good story well told. Rich was a child prodigy, playing Mozart at 4.

She published a major book of poems while still at Radcliffe and, when young, was anything but a rebel. She married and had children before her political awakening became, in the 1960s and '70s, a feminist one.

Halladay humanizes Rich without rendering her less thorny, and she's an adept reader of the poems.

3.- Disturbance : Surviving Charlie Hebdo

by Philippe langon. Translated by Steven Rendall.

This powerful and deeply civilized memoir recounts the massacre in the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine, on the morning of Jan. 7, 2015.

Lanon, a gifted critic, was hit by at least three bullets, one of which tore off most of his jaw. ''Disturbance'' is a memoir that evokes overlapping worlds. We follow Lancon through his long and painful recuperation.

He lives in a state of constant anxiety : Will the terrorists return to finish him off? But his book is also very much about the things that kept him alive - Bach's music, Proust's fiction, friends and acuteness of all variety.

The Publishing continues into the future to list the other and remaining great books.


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