We should consider our social nature. In humans' evolutionary history, our survival depended on being able to live together in groups.

We needed to figure out how to keep track of who is friends with whom, what others are trying to achieve, and when those around us are angry or happy. We learned to pay attention to how others move, where they look, and how they react to what is going on around them.

This requires that we are physically near each other. I cannot know if you are happy or angry with me if I am not sure if your facial expression is triggered by what I said or by an unexpected tap on your leg.

I cannot ready your body language if all that I see is your facial expression on a screen. Because of this  bio-social psychological inheritance, there is a good reason to think that, as the threat to infection recedes, people will look to leave their home offices and return to their real offices. [The Economist]

The World Students Society thanks Professor Armin Schultz, Professor of  Philosophy, University of Kansas Lawrence, Lansas.


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