Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo recently came on NBC's The Mehdi Hassan Show, where he spoke out against Israeli aggression against Palestinians, reported Roya News.

Ruffalo, a longstanding supporter of the Palestinian cause, stressed that he holds high regard for the concept of ''justice.''

When asked about how he, unlike his Hollywood contemporaries is vocal about the ''unfashionable'' issue, the Avengers star simply noted that with his platform, he feels a sense of platform to highlight injustices happening across the world, irrespective of their origins.

''For whatever reason, I have a love of justice. It really means something to me. Anywhere there is injustice in this world, I think as an artist, we have a responsibility to speak about it,'' he said.

The Hollywood superstar added that conversations with Palestinians and ''hearing their stories'' connected him to the issue. Ruffalo went on to denounce the ''asymmetrical warfare" taking place in the Palestinian region.

''Watching this asymmetrical warfare warfare and violence being acted upon them and who pays the price? The citizenry. There is no reason that an ally of America should not be held to the same standard as would any other nation in the world. What I see there is wrong,'' he stated.

This is not the first time Ruffalo has expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian people. In 2014, he criticised the Israeli bombing of Gaza. Four years later, in 2018, he demanded that Palestinian teen Ahmed Tamimi be released.

Also in 2018, the Hulk actor slammed CNN for firing activist contributor Marc Lamont Hill for his own support of Palestine.

''I spoke out about it and I was called an anti-Semite for doing so. The fact that so many people will take it to that extreme when you're talking about that kind of inequality, that kind of oppression, that kind of apartheid........and we here in America, we're looking at the same very thing.....''

The Spotlight star, in another interview with Variety, recently discussed his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe [MCU].

Portraying The Hulk since 2012 in, Ruffalo said that he can't believe that he's still ;part of the MCU, noting that he feels like he has ''never belonged'' there in the first place.

''Every time Im' whining like, God damn, how long are we waiting for the set up? I'm like, ''Hey, remember you're not even supposed to be here.'' Ruffalo said/

''I just remember to be grateful because I still can't believe it. I still keep thinking, ''They're going to throw me out of the club. I never belonged here in the first place and they they're all going to find out.'' 

The World Students Society thanks Nes Desk, The Express Tribune.


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