LONDON : Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers was arrested at a mass-gathering of Covid-19 conspiracy theorists who took to the streets of London to demonstrate against lockdown restrictions and vaccination programmes, foreign media reported.

The former Labour leader's older brother was filmed being taken away from Trafalgar Square by a gaggle of mask-wearing police officers who hauled him into a van.

It is the third time the decisive anti-lockdown figure has been arrested in just over three months. He was arrested on May 16 and May 30 while protesting in Hyde Park.

More than 10,000 anti-lockdown protesters who believe coronavirus is a hoax gathered for the  ''Unite For Freedom'' rally which started at noon in the capital on Saturday.

Demonstrations called for an 'end to Government lies' and the restoration of all freedoms as they marched past Downing Street towards the Houses of Parliament.

Met Police announced they arrested a 73-year-old man on suspicion of breaking the new coronavirus health protection regulations at Trafalgar Square. Met police did not release the name of the man, who remains in custody.

Onlookers flocked to social media to share pictures of Mr. Corbyn being hauled into the back of a police van at the central-London tourists spot.

Pictures from the demonstration show Trafalgar Square almost full of protesters - none of whom are wearing masks - holding signs that that brand the pandemic as a ''hoax''.

When full, the square holds up to 35,000 people. Other signs claimed the masks reduce immunity and likened the restrictions to ''child torture''. One person held a homemade placard on which he had scrawled 'no to mandatory vaccines' [ The News ]


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