ISLAMABAD : The country's first female Surgeon Lt. Gen Nigar Jouhar has said that Pakistan Army believes in merit and her appointment to the rank of Lieutenant General last month is a reflection of meritocratic system being followed in the institution.

In an interview with BBC, Lt. Gen Nigar said that it takes determination and hard work to achieve goals and success in life. ''All that is required is a passion to work and dream to follow and if you work then gender does not create any hurdle in your way,'' she said.

She said women have a status and are treated with respect in Pakistani society. ''They have economic, social and all other kinds of securities in the country,''

Pakistan women are making progress in all walks of life including in communication and information technology, she said while responding to a question.

The first female Lieutenant General said she is proud to be the part of the Pakistan Army and added that her institution is assisting the civil administration in fighting the pandemic.

She made history last month by becoming the first female officer to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.

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