5 Foreign language series you need to watch right now. The content is from far and wide including countries like Germany, Spain and Belgium.

As compiled from The Indian Express and Screenrant, here are five, binge-worthy foreign series that have been making quite the waves recently and deserve a pot on your much must-watch list.

Of course, this list has Money Heist on it - what did you expect? It's only the most popular series on Netflix for the past year or so!

A Spanish con drama at its very best, the series revolves around a man who calls himself ''The professor'' and aspires to pull off the biggest heist ever. The way the narrative flows, coupled with A-Class post-production work makes this a great watch. Not to forget, the cast is pretty smack on too.

All four seasons of Money Heist are now available on Netflix, and a season five is currently in the works.

2.- ''DARK''
If you don't live under a rock, chances are you've seen some chatter about this German genius on your social media feeds in the past one month.

A science-fiction show at its core, Dark is sure to blow your mind at instances and make you question quite a few things.

According to overwhelming reviews, it demands all your attention, and if you falter, you might just get lost in it.

Described as a heady mix of science and lore, the series spans across generations with intertwining time. The simplest way to describe it would be as a multi-layered classic that calls you back for a binge like no other!

All three seasons of Dark are available on Netflix

3.- ''ELITE''
Often likened to an upgraded version of Gossip Girl, Elite is easily one of the best guilty pleasures on Netflix.

This Spanish series will take you back to the high school drama but with a bit more depth to it, and of course, characters that are quite easy on the eyes too!

But if you're thinking this is just a fluffy teen romance show, you're in for a surprise, because Elite also wraps in a thriller element to its storyline, making it all the more interesting. Not only does it have a wonderful plot but it also covers important subject matter such as class inequality, xenophobia, and the stigma related to HIV.

If you're looking for a tasteful watch, this should be perfect for you.

4.- ''OSMOSIS''
If you're big on dating apps, this French show will leave you quite alarmed. Actually, it will do that even if you aren't into them!

Osmosis is based on a dating app that matches people with their soul mates after analyzing their brain data. However, if everything goes haywire when it begins becoming sentient. While it's often compared to Black Mirror, there aren't many similarities between the two shows.

However, Osmosis is equally as gripping, with its great pace and striking twists and turns. If you're a sci-fi junkie, this one's perfect for you!

5.- ''KINGDOM''
South Korea made big waves with its big wins during the award season this year, as Parasite swept the Golden Globes and the Oscars, effectively putting the country's cinema on the map.

Kingdom is essentially a zombie show filled with interesting lessons into an intriguing culture. It revolves around a prince tasked with saving his people after the king rises from the dead, bringing a mysterious plague with him.

As Netflix's first original Korean series, Kingdom is not to be missed.

The World Students Society thanks News Desk / The Express Tribune.


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