ALL this new dystopia, and what is the point? And while digital marketers are keen to play up the customer insights from the metadata they collect via our browsing, our understanding of the effectiveness of data to -

To influence user behavior is still quite new. For example, despite the [justifiable] shock and outrage over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it's still hard to quantify exactly what rule psychographic profiling played in influencing votes during Brexit or the 2016 election.

Some skeptics suggest there's not enough empirical evidence to reach a scientifically sound conclusion about Big Data's ability to influence complex behavior like voting.

NEC, another facial recognition giant is facing more scrutiny. A recent profile of the company on the website OneZero cities a 2018 analysis of commercial of commercial facial recognition systems that shows :

''The algorithms are more than 30 percent less accurate when attempting to identify women of color compared to white men, making systems a little more accurate than a coin toss.

Facial recognition testing in general is till new and privacy experts are concerned about their rigor. Independents audits of facial recognition are few and far between and not reassuring.

''In trials of the NEC technology in London, one of the only independent analyses of NEC's algorithms found that 81 percent of 42 people flagged by the facial recognition algorithm were not actually in a watch list,'' the OneZero report said.

An NBC News Investigation into Amazon's Ring doorbell cameras suggested that their porch -surveillance technology hasn't proved all that effective in catching criminals.

Thirteen of the 40 jurisdictions NBC News reached ''said they had made zero arrests as a result of Ring footage,'' while around a dozen others ''said that they didn't know how many arrests had been made as a result of their relationship with Ring - and therefore could not evaluate its effectiveness.''

The examples are everywhere. The Software intended to scan social media posts of  job candidates  for background checks sounds like a creepy way to judge candidates - but, as examples show, the software seems unable to recognize and appropriately categorize human traits like sarcasm or humor, rendering the software mostly useless.

The honor and serving of the latest global operational research on Facial Recognition, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Charlie Warzel.


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