THE entertainment industry has taken a massive blue due to the ongoing pandemic. As part of social distancing, extreme measures to control its spread have been taken around the world, with almost all major concerts and live events getting postponed or cancelled.

However, many artists are trying to make do with the situation in an ingenious way. They have now to offer fans alternative quarantine concerts - live stream their performances on Facebook or  Instagram while social-distancing at the very homes.

Coldplay's Chris Martin was one of the first to kick off the trend. Earlier this week, the British crooner performed a full 30-minute set from his home in London on Instagram.

Among the songs he played were Trouble, A Sky Full Of Stars and a cover of David Bowie song. He performed an acoustic rendition of all three.

''I was supposed to be with the band, Coldplay, today. But we're struck in different countries, so we can't play together. So I thought what would be nice would be to check in with some of you out there and see how you're doing and where you are and what I can do for you,'' Martin said in the stream.

''Had an idea that we could call this thing 'Together At Home'. And who knows - maybe tomorrow someone else will take it over.''

Martin's 'Together At Home' trend caught fire with other artists too. Soon after, US singer John Legend performed a quirky set on Instagram, along with his wife Chrissy Teigen.

''My friend Chris Martin did a lovely little concert from home today,'' he tweeted, joking that he might ''go pantless'' during the broadcast. ''I'll be doing one tomorrow at 1 pm Pacific time. See you soon. We'll try to get through  this together!''

Legend added, ''Social distancing is important, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. I did a little at-home performance to help lift your spirits.''

Other global chartbusters are also carrying the show must-go-on spirit on their own.

Miley Cyrus has started a livestream series called Bright Minded, Live With Miley and has already performed multiple times from quarantine.

U2 frontman Bono, in his livestream, showcased a brand new song. ''A little postcard from bubbling Dublin on St Patrick's Day. A little tune, made up here about an hour ago. I think it's called Let Your Love Be Known. Let me know what you think,'' he said in the stream.

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