Headline, March 26 2019/ ''' '' ALMIGHTY FIGURING ANXIETIES ' '' : MERCY


POLITICS - PANDEMICS AND EVERYDAY LIFE can cause negative feelings. These days, I just accept them all.

 '' YOU PROUD PAKISTANIS !'' - consider giving everything back to your country. Don't miss this opportunity!

WITH ALMIGHTY GOD'S BLESSINGS : The World Students Society steps forward to lead: Check : ''All Panic Swtiches OFF''.

''GOD WILLING'' : I SOON HOPE TO PUT my cell phone ON and let you all have the number on which you could message me.

Haleema, Dee, Seher Khan/LUMS, Saima, Sarah, Hussain, Ali, Ehsan Khalil, Aqsa, Haider, Zaeem, Ghazi, Hassan, Asma, Armeen, best figure out how to distribute help and rations and dire money and do that while respecting all laws and rules?

Begin with Islamabad and suburbs. Let me know, I will head the distribution network.

IN PROUD PAKISTAN - O'' CAPTAIN IMRAN KHAN, just recently, summed up best : ''IF I had not been a sportsman, I would have long thrown in the towel, and be gone.''

MANKIND IS MIRED IN PROBLEMS. The stark truth before the entire world and mankind is :
That, in  the handiwork of the past governance and policies, especially in the developing world, every happening, in the evolution of a nation, is a corona, waiting to snarl.

With due respect, just look at the poverty in India : Millions by millions subsisting nowhere : along the footpaths and fly overs and........ GOD FORBID, Almighty God forbid, a corona outbreak in India, - very much on the cards, would  spin the world on very different axis.

Time enough for Modi Jee, to spin to wisdom, in the best and highest service for Mankind, and set the great people of Kashmir and India, all our brothers and sisters and family, free and enlightened.

I appeal to great people of India, say '' Salman khan, Arshana Jee, Kapu, Bhuree, Bacha Yadav, Sanaa, Chandu, best have this publishing read out, while you can!''

I've started to call my anxiety Susan. She goes pretty much everywhere with me, and while she means very well. she simply is too loud and too concerned about everything.

So I tell her thanks for looking out for me, and then try to go about my day knowing that she'll continue to pop up, and then I don't need to walk her out of my cubicle anymore. She can stay.

We live in a time when anxiety is a mental health issue of epic proportion. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that each year, 40 million adults deal with an anxiety disorder, yet only about 37 percent of those who deal with it receive treatment of any kind.

That means that there are millions of adults living with anxiety in America and why shouldn't there be? Given the volatility and cruelty of the current administration, the uncertainty of the coming election, and fears about global pandemic landing on our shores, there is plenty to be anxious about.

Even those who haven't been formally diagnosed with anxiety may find themselves suddenly afraid, a cloud of fear following them around.

So, we have two choices : We can fight the anxiety, getting caught up in a cycle of trying to answer our fearful thoughts with a rationality we may never be able to truly attain - or we can simply accept our anxiety as a fact of life, no more good or bad than the weather. It comes and goes, and for many of us, the more we try to make it go away, the stronger it comes back oozes its way around our rational arguments.

Accepting our anxiety doesn't mean that its focus isn't valid - there is plenty to be worried about personally, politically and globally right now. But it does mean that we don't want anxiety to be our solution to these problems.

Instead, we we want to remain as calm as we can so that we are able to engage our rational brains. We want to save our energy for focusing on the important issues in our lives, rather than using our energy on mentally spinning out for hours on end.

I wish so much that I had learned this coping mechanism much earlier in my life. I think of all the worry that could have been saved had I not been spending my energy trying to fight back against my anxiety. But I am grateful that I know now that I can accept it as it is, without trying to change it.

There is healing in that. Now, whenever Susan knocks at my door, I let her in and invite her to sit down. I tell her to stay a while. She's welcome here.

With respectful dedication to Mankind, Narendra Modi Jee, Prime Minister of India, the great people of India, all Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

See Ya all prepare and register for Great Global Elections, on The World Students Society : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter - !E-WOW! - The Ecosystem 2011 :

''' Bless You Ever '''

Good Night and God Bless

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