Headline, March 25 2019/ ''' '' ANXIETY SO ANXIOUS '' '''

''' '' ANXIETY SO ANXIOUS '' '''

TO - PROUD PAKISTAN'S - STUDENTS I always say : The O''Captain is a miracle for you all.

'Buy that! And see him through'. No one knows Imran Khan, better than I do. The O'' Captain is a  World Class, thinking leader. Mankind will owe him a great debt of gratitude.

My room, and - the O''Captain's beautiful sprawling villa spread, is separated by three undulating little hillocks. In greying, dark dawn, I stride past, whistling and humming, a beautiful Indian song, from Lata Jee. 'The O'Captain, must be up, mulling his options,'' I think to myself. 'The mortal combat is coming on.'

I pray as I walk, look skywards, and yet again, ''beg mercy for mankind'. I think of Rohingyas, the Kashmiris, the great people of India, the `Palestinians, the Israelis, the Afghans, The African sufferings, The Latin Americans, The Iraqis, the Lebanese,..............   
In 2012, another fearsome disease, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, broke out in Saudi Arabia and later spread to South Korea. The disease originated in Camels but became transmissible among humans.   
''The World would be naive and prideful to believe we have escaped the snares of disease that nature is constantly devising.''

And with that I hasten and quicken my steps, the Homeless would be waiting for some breakfast.

ANXIETY HAS BEEN MY CONSTANT COMPANION for as long as I can remember.

My earliest memories are of intense worry - I was so sure, for instance, that my parents would never return home, when they left the house for an evening or that each cold I got was was the every beginning of a deadly illness.

As a young adult, I would bite my nails down to the quick as I worried over a financial situation or replayed a conversation in my head in the middle of the night. I've been to more therapists than I can remember, read books on anxiety and filled out scores of worksheets trying to identify my ''cognitive distortions'' and change them so that I could begin to think rationally.

The problem is, I never did begin to think very rationally. Anxiety is inherently irrational - it deals in  what-ifs worst case scenarios - and so, for me, it didn't respond to training my mind. Indeed, there were times that cognitive behaviorial therapy seemed to make my anxiety worse;

I would shame myself for not being able to respond rationally to the thoughts generated by my generalized anxiety disorder, the diagnosis that I had been given when I was a freshman at college.

One therapist recommended that every time I feel anxious, I get up from my chair at work and ''walk'' my anxiety out of the cubicle. After an hour of walking it out every minute or so, I realized I couldn't keep this up. I needed something new.

So, about a year ago, I found a new therapist. Julie, a white-haired, Eileen Fisher-wearing counselor practiced out of an old home a few towns over from where I live.

I told her about my lifelong struggle with anxiety, and instead of giving me worksheets or recommending books to read, she invited me to sit with my painful feelings. ''Invite'' and ''sit with''  are words she uses a lot.

Julie practices a form of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy [ACT], which helps the patient recognize how they often react to unpleasant feelings, to see their unpleasant feelings as just feelings  - not reality - and to accept that parts of life are hard and that that's OK.

ACT, which was developed in the 1980s and has since gained broad acceptance, isn't opposed to cognitive or behavioral interventions - in fact, those are very important components of it.

But it doesn't suggest that we need to change the thoughts that bubble up and cause us pain. Instead, it says, that negative feelings are an inevitable part of life, and that we can best deal with them by accepting them, learning from them, and then acting in accordance with our larger life goals.

The idea that I could accept my anxiety - as opposed to getting rid of it - was revolutionary to me.

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