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AN EASIER ROAD FOR ELECTRIC auto start-ups. It seems that the shift to battery power has inspired a wave of new companies.

FOR most of the last century the auto industry has been known more for shutdowns than start-ups. Brands like Saab, Pontiac And Plymouth disappeared and not much took their places.

But the advent of electric cars has provided a rare opportunity for new companies to challenge the automotive establishment.

Tesla has shown that it's possible. Founded in 2003, the company is putting a scare into the likes of BMW and Mercedes by outselling some of their most popular models.  

A new crop of upstarts, mainly based in California and China, is trying to follow Tesla's lead and take advantage of traditional car companies' slowness to develop battery-powered vehicles.

The hurdles for these car companies are lower than they have been in decades .Electric cars are easier to design and build than cars with internal combustion engines, because they have fewer moving parts.

Still, building any car is hard and expensive. No doubt some of the start-ups listed here will not make it. 

Some have already dropped out. Dyson, best known for vacuum cleaners, abandoned its electric car dream in October. ''We simply cannot make it commercially viable,'' Dyson said at the time.

But some start-ups may have an impact, especially those with a new approach to design, a  technological advantage or a deep-pocketed backer like the Chinese government.


China is trying to use the transition to electric vehicles to become a major automobile exporter, as matter of government policy. One beneficiary is Byton, which plans to begin volume production of an electric S.U.V. at a factory in Nanjing next year. The cars will go on sale in the United States and Europe by the end of 2021.

''The government sees electric vehicles as a chance to play at a global level,'' said Daniel Kirchert, a former BMW executive who founded Byton with financial help from the government. He added, ''We are not a state-planned company but really a start-up.''

Byton aims to be the most digital car on the road. The interior features a screen for every passenger and a screen embedded in the steering wheel. 

With a starting price of around 45,000 euros, or about $49,000, before taxes, Byton will cost a little more than an entry-level Tesla Model 3. ''We want to create a smart device on wheels,'' Mr. Kirchert said by phone from Hong Kong.


Based in Shanghai, this is one of the few electric car companies that is already building and selling cars.

Founded by the billionaire William Li, NIO  has four models in production, including the ES6, an electric S.U.V. that sells in China for 358,000 renminbi, or about $50,000 . 

NIO is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has sold more than 30,000 vehicles in China since it began volume production in June 2018.

But NIO appears to be a long way from profitability, reporting a loss of $353 million in the third quarter of 2019, more than sales during that period. 


With backing from the likes of Amazon and the Ford Motor Company, Rivian has some of the most solid financing of any of the electric car start-ups.

Its imprimatur also gives Rivian credibility which is crucial for an untested start-up.

Rivian is accepting $1,000 deposits on electric pickups and S.U.V.'s that it plans to begin delivering from a factory in Normal, III, before the end of this year.

In addition, Ford plans to use Rivian's platform for some of its own electric vehicles, including a pickup.

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