APPLE REOPENED all of its 42 branded stores in China on Friday.

NEW YORK : Apple Inc said late on Friday it will close all its retail stores, except those in Greater China, for the next two weeks to minimise the risk of coronavirus transmission.

''We will be closing all of our our retail stores outside of Greater China until March 27,'' Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote in a letter posted on the company's website.

''In all of our offices, we are moving to flexible work arrangements worldwide outside of Greater China,'' he added. ''That means team members should work remotely if their job allows.''

Apple reopened all 42 of its branded stores in China on Friday.

The company's donations to the global coronavirus response, to help treat those who are sick and to help lessen the economic and community impacts, reached $ 15 million on Friday, Cook wrote in the letter.

Over 138,000 people have been infected worldwide and 5,000 have died. [Reuters]


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