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NARENDRA MODI GOT ELECTED - promising millions of jobs and creations. He ended up achieving nothing. Now, just see, how it is playing out in India.

INDIA is slithering on to verge of internal turmoil and, God forbid, collapse. No matter how strong the internal structures, nothing works, if the jobs are not there. As simple as that.

And Walter Wriston - the former Chairman of Citi-Bank - wrote this great masterpiece : ''The End of Nation State''.

For all students of the world, looking and observing the future playing out, one very great read.

The recent clash among protesters, autonomous drones and police officers at March for American Dreams, should be call to action for policy makers.

The strong 3.4 percent G.D.P. growth the past year and the official unemployment rate of 4.6 percent hide the fact that many American families are struggling to stay afloat.

Almost three in 10 adults of prime working age are not participating in the labor force at all and, therefore, are not counted in unemployment statistics.

The answer obviously isn't to shut down technological progress.

To date, most of the wealth generated by advances of A.I. and robotics has been acquired by the executives of technology companies.

It's time for the benefits of A.I. revolution to be broadly distributed through an expanded social safety net.

MACHINES displaced many artisans and agriculture workers.

To deter these unemployed workers from seeking public relief, local government set up poor houses that required resident to perform hard labor.

And in the U.S., between 1990 and 2020, the federal government - and some state governments -repeatedly cut social program spending even as middle class jobs disappeared as result of outsourcing and automation.

Workers who didn't have the skills to thrive in the knowledge economy were resigned to join the underclass of service workers.

THE CURRENT WAVE OF ADVANCED AUTOMATION differs from the previous ones in that machines of today outcompete humans in many tasks that require intelligence.

A recent survey of A.I. researchers predicts that by 2075, there is a 90 percent chance that machines will outperform humans in most economically relevant tasks.

Machines have freed humans from drudgery [garbage collection] and danger [logging].

But machines have also reduced the need for human labor faster than new, decent-paying jobs are being created. Consider truckers who trained to be remote safety drivers for autonomous vehicles.

Remote safety driving had once been touted as a secure new job for truckers who would otherwise be displaced by automation.

Last year, in U.S., truck manufacturers successfully lobbied the federal government to phase out the requirement that all autonomous trucks be supervised by remote safety drivers.As a result, nearly  400,000 drivers find themselves at the risk of layoffs.

For a long time, workers in the United States believed that the American dream relied on equality of opportunity. They believed that if they worked hard enough, they could have a decent standard of living.

That was true in the decades after World War II, when those with only a high school degree could make a middle-class income by working unionized factory jobs.

But since the late 1970s, the American dream has been threatened first by globalization and now by workplace automation.

We need a new American dream fit for a world where hard work, grit and ability are not enough to make a living.

Punishing the poor who were harmed by economic disruptions has been a mistake repeated throughout American history.

The A.I. Revolution should be the age of plenty for all, not a gilded age with no end in sight.

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