WASHINGTON : Recent Golden Globe winner Joaquin Phoenix of the JOKER fame was arrested,  along other climate change protesters.

Jane Fonda's Fire Drill Friday protest in Washington saw the actor march with hundreds, including the likes of Martin Sheen, Maggie Cyllenhaal and Susan Sarandon, where he also gave a speech about the effects of meat and dairy industries on climate change.

According to US Capital Police, 147 protesters were arrested in total for the unlawful demonstration.

''The climate crisis makes our nation and all nations less secure,'' said Fonda at the rally, sporting a red hat as she was cheered on by a crowd that included sheen.

She also spoke of the devastating fires in Australia, which have ravaged tens of thousands of square miles of bush land, uprooted wild habitats, killed more than a million animals and caused at least 27 deaths.

In Sydney, thousands of angry protesters had demanded that the Australian government to do more to combat climate change. Last week  Phoenix used his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes - where he won an award for Bast Actor in a Drama Film - to call on people to make ''sacrifices'' to slow down the global warming. He returned to the theme at the rally.

''The meat and diary industry is the third leading cause of climate change,'' he said. ''There is something that you can do today, right now and tomorrow by making your choice about what you consume.''

Phoenix had also taken the opportunity to school his Hollywood colleagues on their lavishes practices such as taking private jets to and from holiday locations which contributes to carbon emissions and giant carbon footprint. [Reuters]


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