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THE GREAT WONDERS and hidden gems in Apple's new iPhone operating system IOS 13 comes with tons of tools under the hood

Every September, Apple offers the world an update of its iOS software for iPhones.

Just recent version, iOS 13, didn't exactly have a graceful landing; since its release, Apple has produced no fewer than six follow-up versions intended to fill feature holes and fix bugs.

But never mind all that. Apple has said plenty about what it considers the most important new features : Dark Mode, which gives all your apps a slick, white-on-dark inverted - colors look:

QuickPath, which lets you type by swiping sloppily across the relevant keys instead of tapping them, as you can on Android phones; and a rewritten Maps app.

But when you give thousands of software engineers a whole year to improve your phone software, you wind up with dozens of features that don't get a lot of press. Here then, is a treasure map to the hidden gems of iOS 13.


You can now do everything on the phone by voice alone : tap and drag, operate buttons and sliders, edit text, even ''push'' the buttons on the edges of the phone.

The feature is intended for iPhone fans with disabilities. But it's so complete, easy and fast that it might appeal to other people, too: those whose hands are wet or grubby, for example, or those who are reclining and tired.

To turn on Voice Control, tap Settings, and then Accessibility, then Voice Control.
At this point you can navigate by saying things like ''Go back'' and ''Open Control Center.''
You can ''use your fingers'' by saying, ''Tap reply,'' ''Scroll down,'' ''Zoom in'' and so on. Instead of pressing the hardware buttons on the phone, say, ''Turn volume up,'' ''Mute sound.''
''Rotate to portrait'' and ''Take screenshot''.

The real miracle is text editing. You can say ''Delete that'' to backspace over the last utterance [or,say, ''Delete previous two lines''].

Best of all, you can speak corrections, which is heaven-sent when you have to fix the errors [either yours or Siri's] in a dictated message. Just say, ''Replace 'Never call me again' with 'Best of luck.' ''

If there's something you want to tap, like a spot on the map, that has no identifying labels, say, ''Show numbers,'' ''Show grid,'' or ''Show labels.'' You can get tiny numbers, words, or grid squares overlaid on the screen. Speak what you want to tap.

And don't worry about setting off accidental functions. The phone ignores everything you say [ 'Hey, can I borrow your charger?'' that isn't a command [''Open Messages'']


The Reminders app is far more competent To Do manager in iOS 13. One welcome touch : You can now create ''subtasks'' for a reminder. For example, for a reminder called ''Tonight's hot date,'' the intended subtasks might be ''Shower,'' ''Pick up dry cleaning'' and ''Get braces removed.''

To create a subtask, long-press the subordinate item;s name and then drag it beneath the primary one. It indents itself.

To make Reminders more useful, iOS 13 lets you create them right from within Messages, Mail, Photos and other apps.

Select some text [or a photo, or a location, or whatever], tap the Share button, and then tap Reminders. You'll see the new To Do the next time you open Reminders.

Finally, this one's worth its weight in gold :
When you're creating a Reminder, you can turn on ''Remind me when messaging'' and then tap Choose Person to pluck somebody's name from Contacts. When you next begin messaging this person, the reminder will pop up.

Its ideal for those moments when you're preparing for bed and remember : ''Oh shoot - I forgot to ask Robin to return my Tesla.''

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