Headline, December 30 2019/ '' ' YELPS 10 YEARS ' ''

'' ' YELPS 10 YEARS ' ''

The World's only and best hope to live a life of Dignity, Peace and Mutual Respect, all the while building for the future generations.

With Modi and BJP on rummage and rampage contriving, seeing and contemplating War, and God forbid, all set and primed for genocide and flames. And with -

Rohingyas dying obliterated, Iraq's students in hell-hole, Lebanese students pinned, Latin American students helpless, Afghan students trapped, Syrian students contemplating death, Nicaraguan students in cults and fiefs -

Somalian students withered to graves, the whole of African continent simmering in embers and sparks, with Yemini students long minced, Hong Kong bruised, beaten and bandaged, Mexican students meandering, and I could go on and on and on............... 

Pepe, Gaysper and other once-hateful symbols teach us tech companies should build their-policies to continually adapt to the changing world.

THE IDEA THAT PLATFORMS LIKE TWITTER - FACEBOOK and Instagram should remove  hate speech is relatively uncontroversial. But doing this isn't very easy.

HATE SPEECH, is fluid, dependent on cultural context and social meaning. To manage it, platforms must constantly re-evaluate hateful symbols and communicate with users about their decision -making.   

Tech Tipping Points : A World Economic Forum survey in 2017 predicted a series of ''technological tipping points'' for the coming decade. They included 3-D printed cars, driverless vehicles, and the first artificial intelligence machine on a company's board.

Recession, robots and rockets : another roaring 20s for world markets, then.

HELICOPTER CASH - CLIMATE CRISES - SMART CITIES and the space economy - investors have all those possibilities ahead as they enter the third decade of the 21st century.

They go into new decades with a spring in their step, after watching world stocks add over $25 trillion in value in the last 10 years and bond rally put $ 1.3 trillion worth of bond yields below zero.

They also saw Internet based firms transform the way the humans work, shop and relax. Now investors are positioning for the tech revolutions next 10 years.

Could we see a repeat of the roaring twenties, as the 1920s were known - years of prosperity, technological innovation and such social developments are as women winning the right to vote?  Possibly. But there's unease along with all the euphoria.

The current economic cycle is already longest in the U.S. history and a recession looks inevitable in the new decade - which will also mark 100 years since the Wall Street crash of 1929.

And solutions may need to be unconventional, even more so than the extraordinary policies of the negative interest rates and bond-buying that eased post-2008 global funk.

With those policies maxed out, ''in the 2020s it seems inevitable that a world of helicopter money awaits,'' Deutsche bank predicts.

That would entail central banks or government providing citizens with large amounts of money, as though it was being dropped  from helicopters, a strategy rejected even by the unorthodox policymakers of the 2010s.

Another radical option under discussion is modern monetary theory, when governments create and spend as much money as needed, so long as inflation stays low.

''Central banks have effectively invited governments to experiment with more unconventional policies,'' Deutsche said. However, those policies may pile up even more global debt, already at record highs.

So what will markets do? A decade of rock-bottom interest rates didn't revive growth and inflation in developed nations, but they certainly inflated markets, as prices for bonds, equities and real estate show.

The inequality they spawned have also triggered a widespread backlash against globalisation. The result is a de-globalising world, as Morgan Stanley puts it, ''slow-balisation.'' 

The bank expects tech investments to outperform, in particular smaller Internet firms in China, as protectionism hurts larger rivals.

But it predicts less exciting returns - '' a lower and flatter frontier compared to prior decades, and especially compared to the ten years post - Global Financial Crisis."

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