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IN SEPTEMBER Jane Manchun, an app researcher in Hong Kong noticed some computer code in Instagram - which revealed the app was testing a feature called Clips. Much as TikTok does, the feature allows users to edit videos, splicing clips together and adding music.

TEENAGERS ARE JUST GAGA FOR TikTok. That's why Silicon Valley is all worried about it.  TikTok which is run by a seven-year old company in Beijing called ByteDance, allows people to create short, snappy videos and share them aright around the world.

The simple concept has fuelled its rise to to quickly become one of the world's largest social networks and to mount the most direct incursion yet by a Chinese company on Silicon Valley's turf.

Now the American Internet companies are pushing back. Through knock offs, potential acquisitions  and not-so subtle references to Chinese censorship, TikTok's competitors have been trying to protect themselves from the service's advance. They haven't had much luck so far.

Over the past 12 months, the TikTok app has been downloaded more than 750 million times, compared with 715 million for Facebook, 450 million for Instagram, 300 million for YouTube and  275 million for Snapchat, according to the research firm Sensor Tower.

But TikTok's American competitors could still get some help from their government. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, a federal panel that reviews foreign acquisitions of American companies, is reviewing ByteDance's two-year-old acquisition of Musical.Iy, the American company that became TikTok.

A government intervention would probably be welcome news to TikTok's competitors, who have been working from their usual, crush-the-upstart playbook.

Late last year, Facebook introduced a TikTok clone called Lasso. The app has been downloaded fewer than 500,000 times, mostly in Mexico, according to Sensor Tower. While many videos in Tik-Tok's  endless feed of 15 to 60 second clips have hundreds of thousands of ''likes,'' the videos in Lasso's nearly identical feed typically have a few dozen.

At YouTube, executives are also considering ways to imitate TikTok, including addition of similar video-editing software within the YouTube app, according to one person familiar with the conversations who spoke on the conditions of anonymity because the plans are private.

Google, which owns YouTube, also held acquisition talks with Firework, a TikTok imitator that is aiming for older users, according to three people close to the talks who requested anonymity because the negotiations were confidential.

One of these people said Google decided against acquiring Firework. Firework, which has fewer than three million downloads, has also received interest from Baidu, China's biggest search engine company, and Weibo, which runs the Chinese equivalent Twitter, according to two people close to the talks.
The Wall Street Journal first reported Google's and Weibo's interest in Firework.

''They see that TikTok right now is having a moment, and they have natural concerns when any other app gains share in attention,'' Eugene Wei, a longtime media and tech executive who tracks the industries, said of the big tech companies.

''And we haven't seen another consumer app make that much headway in attention market share in recent history.

At Snap, which some analysts believe is most threatened by TikTok's rise because both target young people, the chief executive, Evan Spiegel, has said that the companies don't compete.
TikTok largely gives people entertainment from strangers while Snapchat connects friends, he said.

TikTok is a ''friend or foe.'' he responded that TikTok advertises on Snapchat and has also built services for the app.
''I think at a higher level, looking at TikTok, we definitely consider them a friend,'' he said.

In April Snap began listing TikTok as a competitor in its regulatory filings.

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