BORIS JOHNSON has given up efforts for a smooth Brexit in just about a month of taking over as British Prime Minister.

The new 10 Downing incumbent appears to have realised what could not be achieved in more than three years and sent two prime ministers packing cannot be achieved in just about three months from now i.e. an exit deal with the European Union that could sail through the British Parliament.

The Prime Minister has, thus, asked the Queen to suspend the Parliament until October 14 in what is being likened by his opponents with ''trashing the constitution''-

 ''A very British Coup'' and ''declaration of war'' because it may not allow opposition lawmakers to have enough time to pass laws blocking a no-deal.
Brexit. Remember Brexit - with or without a deal - has to happen by the October 31 deadline.

The lawmakers are very rightly furious, and they include many from the Conservative camp too.

Speaker John Bercow says Parliament shutdown would be an offence against the democratic process and the rights of parliamentarians as the people's elected representatives.

To Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, the action is an ''utterly scandalous affront to our democracy'' and ''we cannot let this happen''.

The PM's bold move is widely believed to have threatened the mother of all parliaments. And a no-deal Brexit is feared to rock financial markets and weaken London's position as global financial centre.

The negative signs are already here : the pound has slumped to almost one percent of the dollar, to $1.2198 from almost $1.2300 the previous day.

What's even more troubling is the fact that the options that are available - seeking an extension on Brexit beyond October 31, a second referendum to provide the Britons with a chance to rethink; and a general election - do not either have the potential to solve the puzzle.

While Brexit has put Britain in a spin, it has highlighted the perils of unchecked populism that has been on the rise globally. [ED: The Express Tribune]


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