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DAVID GOH : TECH MARKETING GENIUS, GRAND OLD MASTER from Singapore, is not only a friend of the highest merit, but in every sense, a greatest brother of mine.

David, would travel half the world, suffer every snafu, frustration and jet-lag, and misery, yet never lose the opportunity of sharing glorious, teaching moments with me. 'Thanks, David!'

Along with this great former Japanese Colleague, Kasamatsu San, David is one of the very few people I met in my life, out of thousands by thousands of technicians, who could explain advance engineering concepts in two three odd sentences, and get it to stick.

And then Wise David, to my utter delight, always has an ear to the ground. Nothing escapes David.  I thank him for his e-mail, and for his highest recommendation and access to the app.

Without saying anything or opening anything, I have handed over the app to Founder Hussain, for the founder tech-geniuses of the class of :

Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Shahzaib, Lawyer Zainab Khan/Kings College, Chartered Accountant  Wadood Mughal, Professor M Hammad Khan, UK, to review over and over again but most discreetly and in total privacy.

If we can get this formidable Model of our needs right, completely control the data from the United States, we could generate over 3,000 jobs by March 2020.

MOUNTING SUFFERINGS ABOUT lack of job opportunities in 100% of the growing, Developing World...................

WITH ALMIGHTY GOD'S BLESSINGS - precisely in the next decade or so - with Great Global Elections out of the way, Thrice - Yes, 3 times-

The World Students Society, - for every subject in the world - would generate millions of jobs, worldwide

As for now, THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD is that of a Data Scientist as presented by Forbes, in its list of 25 jobs for work-life balance.

Among the other jobs comprising this list, SEO Manager and a Talent Acquisition Specialist came at the Second and Third respectively.

.- Amongst the other jobs on this list, a Social Media Manager came at the fourth spot;

.- Digital Marketing Manager [number eight]; Web Developer [number 10]; Civil Engineer [12th place].

.- Web Developer [17th place], Data Analyst [20th place] and a Front End Developer [25th spot].

While looking at these jobs you will notice a specific trend:

Out of the 25 best jobs of the world as presented through this ranking, 15 relate to the field of Internet, Digital Media, Information Technology and Computer Science.

The non-IT related jobs include a Talent Acquisition Specialist, Substitute Teacher, Recruiting Coordinator, Risk Analyst, Civil Engineer, Client Manager, and a Research Technician.

However, all the professionals from a varying field require the use of Internet and professionals having ample knowledge and experience of working with digital media and software applications.

The impact of technology and that of the digital media on the world's many professions and industry have been vast.

Moreover, the progression and development seen in various fields of study have led to the birth of such jobs and careers that were non-existent in the Developing World and even the world two decades ago.

Even in the mid 2000s, digital marketing and its many aspects were too great for the masses to understand as the Internet was in its introduction stage especially in the Developing World.

With the arrival of Facebook:

Home-based businesses and the well established corporate empires were introduced to a new form of marketing and advertising pursued online through Facebook's pages and its paid advertising business model.

The Digital marketing, a job that was unheard of in the Developing World like say, Pakistan, even by the mid-2000s is now a job that is offered not only by digital companies and advertising agencies but by all companies from various industries for that matter.

Digital Media is the new domain where customers and businesses interact as television, newspaper, and radio have taken a backseat.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on The Digital Frontier and Jobs Creation, continues, The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Muhmmad Iftikhar.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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Good Night and God Bless

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