LANDI KOTAL : The girl students of higher secondary school in Landi Kotal pooled money for the repair of their school building and broken furniture as the education department failed to provide funds for the purpose.

The students told journalists here on Thursday that they were asked by their teachers to donate 'Rs 20 each for whitewash of their classrooms, plastering of some damaged portions of the school building which had developed cracks over the years and repairs of the broken chairs and tables.

They said they were able to collect Rs 30,000 from their ''personal donations'' which they had handed over to the school management for repair and whitewash.

The students said that in the absence of regular sweeper of their school, they had to sweep and clean their classrooms as well.

''The school building has developed cracks in a number of locations due to lack of timely maintenance and it is dangerous for us to sit in the dilapidated classrooms,'' they said.

The students said that they had to bring drinking water with them from their homes as the facility was not available in the school while the entire building was also without electricity and they had to sit inside rooms without fans and lights. [Dawn]


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