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Including stores from game developers like Blizzard Entertainment Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, who can collect 100 percent of revenue when selling their own games on their own storefronts.

DESPITE RISING COMPETITION and complaints from small-game developers over revenue-sharing deals. Steam has managed to stay on top because of its powerful influence.

But Epic has some advantages.

Its piles of cash, emphasis on community building and access to the Chinese market give it a chance to successfully challenge Steam, said Josst van Dreunen, the managing director of Super Data Research, a Nielsen company.

It estimates that Fortnite : Battle Royale has generated at least $3.9 billion in revenue.

''They're going to be this social platform where there are going to be cool games but you are also going to be hanging out with your friends,'' Mr. van Dreunen said. ''It panders to a very different audience segment. Most likely Epic will be the more mainstream version of Steam.''

Topping Steam will not be easy. Changing the habits of entrenched users can be difficult, and even companies with large audiences have struggled in the digital distribution space.

Twitch, the streaming service owned by Amazon, and Discord, the program used by many gamers, recently shuttered their public storefronts.

But there has been growing frustration within the industry about what some call a glut of games on Steam - it offers more than 30,000, while the Epic Games Store has curated fewer than 100 - and an antiquated revenue-sharing model that benefits Valve.

Epic is already off to a strong start, It has greater access to China's lucrative market, with more than 300 million computer gamers, through its investor Tencent.

That company paid $330 million for 40% of Epic in June 2012, years before Fortnite became a global phenomenon, in a deal that valued the company at about $800 million.

To court developers, it has promised to keep on 12 percent of the game revenue, less than half of what Steam keeps. And it waives the 5 percent royalty fees for games built using its Unreal Engine, a suite of design tools used by developers.

Many publishers and developers of computer games are eager to do business on the new platform.

For years, Ubisoft released block buster titles like Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell on Steam.

But it decided not to sell the sequel to its hit game Tom Clancy's.......The Division on the platform because Valve would not modify its revenue-sharing model, said Chris Early, Ubisoft's vice president for partnerships and revenue.

The game is is for sale on the Epic Games Store and Uplay, Ubisoft's store.

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