Headline September 14, 2019/ '' 'FRIENDS AS JEWELS' ''


COULD we BE any more excited? 'Friends' fans nuts for merch.......

SEE YOUR ''FRIENDS'' ON THE big screen. Deck out your place with ''Friends'' decor. Wear your 'Friends' as jewellery. Heck, buy the 'Friends' Lego and pretend its for your kid.

If you're a ''Friends'' super fan, there are lots of ways to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary in September.

''It transcends generations,'' Maryellen Zarakas, a Warner Bros, senior vice-president said of the show that ended in 2004 after 10 seasons.

''Everybody still goes through growing up into your 20s when you get your first job, your first heartbreak, your first time your friends really become your family.'' The studio has partnered with a range of companies to celebrate the quarter century mark.

The Fathom Event
Fans broke Fathom Events website, for about 15 minutes anyway, when tickets went on sale for three days of movie house screenings of popular episodes.

A dozen episodes are hitting movie theaters September 23, 28, and October 2. Each night includes four ''Friends'' episodes that have been newly mastered in 4K from the original 35mm camera negatives. There will also be never-before seen extras.

''Its those really iconic moments that people want to see over and over again,'' Zarakas said. ''That's how the Fathom Event came about. Tom Lucas, a Fathom vice president said the idea was to ''allow a group of friends, for lack of better word, go together and enjoy it on the big screen.''

Fathom has more than 1,400 theatres on board. That amount to well over 200,000 seats available each night, making it the largest Fathom Event ever, Lucas said.

The LEGOs.
Is your brick building stuck in second gear? Maybe a Central Park set will help. It goes on sale September 1 for $59.99 at Lego stores and on Lego.com

The collectible set recreates the gang's coffee shop and comes with a figure of the six buddies plus Gunther. There's a sealing area, including YES the couch, an armchair and two other chairs.
Is your brick building stuck

Builders can construct the stage where Phoebe performed with the guitar. There's a brick-built coffee machine, walls, a window with the Central Park logo . TV studio light rigs, coffee mugs and the familiar low coffee table.

Lego designer Aymeric Feivet submitted the concept through the Lego ideas platform, a way for brick fans to weigh in on new projects.

''It's the fans who really wanted to do a 'Friends' set.'' Zarakas said. ''When we heard abut that we were, of course, all in.''

The pop-ups
In New York tickets sold out in two hours for ''The One with the Pop-Up'' immersive experience in Manhattan. The month long pop-up opened September 7 and runs-through October 8. It includes Central Park, props for photos, and some of the iconic looks for Ross, Rachet, Joey Monica, Chandler and Phoeba.

''It's for the ultimate 'Friends' fan,'' Zarakas said. ''You can peek through Rachel and Monica's vary famous purple door. You can relax on Chandler and Joe's recliner.''

Lines have been around around the corner for the Central Park pop-up in Santa Monica, California. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf created a 'gram-worthy' ''Friends'' experience, orange couch included.

There's memo memorabilia from the sitcom and specialty drinks named for its cast. The Rachel Matcha Latte. The Joey Mango Cold Brew Tea and The Phoebe Cookies & Cream ice Blend among them.
The Coffee Bean did the same pop-up in West Hollywood. 

The bling
The moments, the one-liners, the memories. You can have them all in accessories from the eco-conscious Alex and Ani. The brand has created a seven-piece ''Friends'' capsule line of mostly charm bracelets to make the anniversary.

Choose from a ''pivot, pivot, pivot'' theme, one with a lobster and ''you're my lobster'' charms or Joey's 'how you, doin,'' line among others. The Central Park logo, the famous picture frame and the ''Friends'' logo bar are also available. Prices range from $39 to $48 on Alexandani.com.

''This married really nicely with the show,'' Zarakas said. ''It's a wink and a nod.''

The decor
Could we be any more excited? Pottery Barn takes a turn at ''Friends'' merch with everything from mugs from mugs to tea towels and reissue of the famous apothecary coffee table that Rachel tried to pass off as flea market to roommate Phoebe, who was not a Pottery Barn fan.

The seasons 6 episodes was aptly named ''The One with the Apothecary Table''. The collection also includes throw pillows adorned with Monica's purple apartment door, the tufted Central Perch couch and classic quotes like ''Joedy Doesn't Share Food.''

Pottery Barn even threw in wall art memorializing the show's theme song and a door mat with the series logo

Shop online at PotteryBarn.com but beware some items have already sold out.

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