Headline September 13, 2019/ '' ' WORLD'S KASHMIRI-SHAWL WOUNDS ' ''




Will always stand up and tall against oppression, tyranny, injustice and sufferings, all and ever, in the best reverence and offerings to Mankind.

''Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere,'' said Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. And with that-

The World Students Society, the entire universe over, stops and rises to give Dr. Martin Luther king Jr's memory a standing ovation

EVEN IN THE BEST OF TIMES, IT IS just nay impossible standing up to a charged  up, 'Heroic Founder, and genius', Zilli?

''Why can't, Pakistan's A-rated professional Armed Forces, help free up these Kashmiris, and set up a plebiscite?

''What is so good about nuclear weapons, if we are not willing to use them?' U.S. used them to bring its enemies to real senses and end the war.''

Zilli, by the way, has just finished reading an advance paper titled :
''In a Dark Time : The Expected Consequences of an India Pakistan Nuclear Exchange,'' by Louis Rene Beres. 

AS CHINKS OF LIGHT PIERCE THROUGH the stultifying communication blackout in India-held  Kashmir, the furious backlash by its people against the. Modi's government revocation of the area's special status is unfolding before the world's eyes.

This is not a situation 'returning to normal', as the Indian government would have it; this is the outcome of a powder keg set alight and the ramifications are only just beginning to be felt.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, till his very last moments, is not going to let go even for a nano-second 'the cause of his life'.

He is going to give Modi and his planned injustices and all genocides, a real torrid time, The captain, will once again be addressing a massive rally this Friday, In Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir,

O'' Captain will once again be warning the international community that India is more than likely, at this very moment, planning a false flag operation to divert attention from its human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and justify a military strike against Pakistan.

Scientist and philosopher Dr. Albert Einstein understood better than any political leader in the world, 'the disease of mankind' as Salman Ahmed, UN's Goodwill Ambassador continues his narration:

Even more urgent, the world cannot allow Modi's unilateralism to threaten a nuclear apocalypse.

Global institutions like the United Nations Security Council must do more than tell India and Pakistan to resolve their differences bilaterally - as the Security Council recently did.

The UNSC can start with an emergency meeting on the situation. There may even be role for the  International Criminal Court.

At the very least, concerned citizens around the globe have to help protect human rights and the rule of law. Without these protections, democracy is a lost cause.

''Make no mistake : None of this is anti-Indian.''

No less a patriotic Indian than Jawharlal Nehru promised Kashmir a plebiscite - which has never been held. ''The time to hold it is now.''

Prominent Indians including politicians Shahshi Tharoor and author Arundhato Roy have pointed to the danger to India's pluralism from what's happening in Kashmir.

Throor recently wrote, movingly, that by asserting direct control over Kashmir, Modi is 'remaking the country in the image of his chauvinist party.''

The new India, said Throor, is world's away from the land of Gandhi and Nehru.

Those visionaries, as Throor wrote ''preached non-violence, religious co-existence and the acceptance of differences.''

India's world famed author Arundhati Roy, writes of ''seeing ragged children thread way through traffic in Delhi, selling outsized national flags and souvenirs bearing the inscription'' :
''Mera Bharat Mahan'' - ''My India is Great''.

But she says it is hard to feel that way herself when it looks very much as if Modi's government has gone rogue.''

That ''rogue India'' - that besieged Kashmir - isn't the one I saw as my band and I played at the edge of ethereal Dal Lake in Srinagar.

The ethnic makeup of my band itself spoke to what Kashmir can be. We were from Kashmir, Lahore, Calcutta, New York and Toronto, and all found a common language of compassion, freedom and unity.

For that one day in May, the guitars silenced the guns.

What happens next in Kashmir will help determine the direction of the world, toward peace and the rule of law - or the law of the jungle.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr famously said.

''Let's choose justice and peace.''

President Trump and the World Leaders, and the world at large must heed that-

India, riding a waving of triumphalism stoked, by hyper nationalist rhetoric, needs to know the world  is not indifferent to the consequences of two nuclear armed countries inching closer to a tipping point.

''That could presage a crisis of unimaginable magnitude.''

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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''' Peace and Power '''

Good Night and God Bless

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