BAD MATHEMATICS - HUGE BLUNDERS : Mathematics is all about reasoning but reasoning in the world appears to have totally dried up.

Question : why so few genuine Developing World experts and and why is mathematics illiteracy so rampant?
The developing world has so many good leaders, and soldiers but not a single top level mathematician anywhere in the world.

In, say,  Pakistan, - even those recently decorated with Pakistan's highest national awards for mathematics would probably flunk undergrad math exam at places like MIT.

Why is the mathematics taught at our schools and universities so ridiculously bad?

The answer has two parts :

First, most people confuse mathematics with arithmetic and with cut-and-dried formulas. But its not that!

Mathematics is the music of reason whose rich melodies need good tutoring and hard work to understand. Second, math matters much but only if you think the laws of physics, expressed mathematically. actually govern the physical universe.


Lacking guidance from kowledgeable elders, a few of Pakistan's most gifted kids have found their own way.
I have been astonished and thrilled to meet some.

Aged 12-18, like hungry animals, they have gorged themselves on distance learning materials offered by Stanford, MIT, Coursera, etc.

They seem to owe nothing to their environment, teachers and even their parents. Some are village bumpkins, others are English-speaking urbanites.

Natural genius propels them. But how far?

The World Students Society thanks most profoundly and respectfully,  Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, who teaches physics.


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