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'New Homes for surging electronic sports'.

The rise of e-sports is no surpise to anyone who has followed the video game industry. They are expected to bring in more than $1 billion in global revenue this year, as millions of fans watch hundreds of events from all over.

But those fans typically view the matches from home on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Only $104 million, less than 10 percent of the total revenue in 2019, is expected to come from merchandise and ticket sales, according to Newzoo, an e-sports analytics firm.

For students and fans to spend more money they need an environment that provides a richer experience.     

In April, Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, a 1929 building that typically puts on comedy shows, concerts and arena football; a chandelier-adorned theater in the building presented an e-sports competition, a college tournament that included games like Dota 2, Apex Legends and NBA 2K.

It came after a makeover by HOK, a sports-focused architecture firm with a growing e-sports practice, which helped reconfigure the stage, change the lighting and -

And set up a broadcast studio for live streaming, said Rashid Singaby, a firm senior associate whose previous work includes the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons.

HOK based in Kansas City, is funneling more resources into the growing field.

Two years ago, it had no designers working on e-sports ; today it has 15, said Mr. Singaby, who added that he has had commissions for five e-sports projects in the past year.

Developers are now knocking on HOK's doors, including owners of empty big-box stores hoping to re-purpose them, Mr. Singaby said.

''The numbers don't lie,'' he added. ''The commitment to this ecosystem has been gigantic in the last 10 years. We don't think this is going away.''

But conversions and remodeling pale in comparison with the planned Fusion Arena in Philadelphia, which will be the first space built specifically for e-sports.

The 3,500 seat, $50 million project will be the home for the Philadelphia Fusion, a two year old team that competes in the Overwatch League, a franchise in which players from all over the world battle in a futuristic first-person shooter.

Groundbreaking for the arena, which is being developed by the Cordish Companies, is expected this summer for a planned opening in 2021.

Equipped with a production studio, a training center and three private suites lined with bars and fridges, the 60,000 square-foot development will sit in the middle of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, which includes the Wells Fargo Center, where the Flyers and 76ers play.

Not only will the arena project help - e-sports cement its status in the mainstream, experts say, it's also expected to unleash a wave of similar projects.

''Linking the arena to an existing complex will make people realize this is not just about video games being played by kids,'' said Barry Seymour, the executive director of the Delaware Valley Regional Commission, a regional advocacy group. ''This is a real sport.''

The design of the Fusion Arena breaks with that of a typical stadium.

Seats will be positioned to see big overhead screens that display the matches, said Brian Mirakian, a senior principal with Populous, the architecture firm that designed the arena and is known for its football and baseball stadiums.

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