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 COMIC' ''


Will beat a path to the doors of The World Students Society, looking and seeking to buy ideas.

The 'Intellectual Capital' on the 'Great Ideas Database' belongs to the Students of the world. The revenues all, will go to the students, as decreed by the management committee of your elected members.

''SAM SUN'' - THEN AND SO precisely around 1 pm today, I would be tasking, [lets call him FR and team] to begin work on !WOW!-CON

The project will be headed by JORDAN, from the United States.

The Comic Characters will be based on  Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Saima, Dee, Aqsa, Seher, Sameen, Armeen, Lakshmi,  Zilli, Juniper, Maria, Maynah, Harem, Dantini,  Hannyia and Merium.

Hussain, Ali, Shahzaib, Vishnu, Haider, Jordan, Bilal, Salar, Reza, Zaeem, Danyial, Hazeem, Ghazi, and Toby

The Comic Outlay and Ecosystem will cover every crisis, every flashpoint, every school, every college, every university, every ill, and teach the students great things, and leave a solid print for the future generation of Mankind.
NO ONE EXPECTED their culture would ever become mainstream when a few hundred comic book and science fiction enthusiasts and creators-

Gathered in the basement of a San Diego hotel 49 years ago for what would become known as the first Comic-Con.
Except Jack Kirby.

''A long time ago he said, 'one day Hollywood is going to come to Comic-Con to get its ideas,'' co-founder Mike Towry said.

''That seemed far-fetched to us, but Jack Kirby was pretty visionary.''

As the 50th Comic-Comic kicked off last week, with a big Marvel Studios panel on Saturday that's sure to be the hottest ticket in town, and Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominating the box office, Kirby proved to be right.

But it took a while for Comic-Con to really 'go Hollywood. ''We were just looking to get together with our fellow comic fans and some of the people who created the comics and science fiction we enjoyed,'' Towry said of the early years.

''Comics back then, were looked down on by pretty much everyone.'' Roy Thomas remembers being part of one the first ''real movie events'' at Comic-Con.

In the summer of 1976, the artist and two other panelists took the stage to preview the unknown sci-fi property that wouldn't hit theaters for another 10 months.

It was, of course, ''Star Wars'' and he was working on the promotional comics that Marvel would put out prior to release.

''We had a few posters. But we didn't even have any footage,'' Thomas said. ''All we could do was sit there and talk about it and show a poster.''

He remembers the public relations guy, Charles Lippincott, trying to sell the posters later for $1 a piece.

''He didn't even sell them all,'' Thomas laughed. ''He ended up giving some of them away.'' Compare that to 28 years later, when Lucasfilm revealed, the title for the final Star War's prequel, ''Revenge of the Sith.'' Germain Lussier, a staff writer for the websites  io9 and Gizmodo, remembers it being ''electric''.

Some 7,000 screaming people jumped out of their seats and made a mad dash to the showroom floor to get one of the T-shirts available at the Star War's booth.

The success of the original Star Wars may have been a wake-up call for Hollywood.

It made Hollywood sit up and take notice,'' Towry said. And, he thinks, it began the slow evolution of the of the convention into what it is today.

For most, the real tipping-point for Comic-Con and Hollywood came in 2008 when ''Twilight descended on on the Gaslamp District.

The ''Twihards'' took fandom to a new level when they camped out overnight to secure a spot to see the panel. That had never been done on that level.

Since then, Comic-Con has been a madhouse. Nowadays, some 135,000 people descend on the San Diego Convention Center and surrounding Gaslamp District every year.

There are lines everywhere for fans needs [panel, toys, autograph sessions, events] and human ones [food, bathrooms, transportation]. Tickets are hard come by, as are hotels and parking, and everything is expensive.

The Honor and Serving of Great Ideas, continues. The World Students Society thanks AP.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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