Brazil scientist 'sacked' after deforestation row with president

Ricardo Galvao leaves post after right-wing Jair Bolsonaro criticised data showing accelerated Amazon deforestation.

The head of Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE) has left his position following a public dispute with President Jair Bolsonaro over the agency's data, which showed an accelerated rate of deforestation in the Amazon.

After meeting Marcos Pontes, Brazil's science and technology minister, on Friday, Ricardo Galvao said he would be leaving due to an "unsustainable" situation.

"I will be dismissed," Galvao told reporters as he left the meeting.

Pontes confirmed Galvao's departure on Twitter. A ministry spokesperson told Reuters news agency it was unclear if Galvao had resigned or had been fired.

Galvao had previously accused Bolsonaro of "cowardice" for publicly questioning satellite-generated data released by INPE that showed Amazon rainforest deforestation had increased 88 percent in June of this year, compared with the same month last year.

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