Headline June 25, 2019/ '' 'INTERNET'S INVERSE INEPTITUDE' ''


The World Students Society is the exclusive ownership of every single student in the world. And with that :

The World Students Society rises to give the great students of United States of America, a standing ovation. We thank them for their sustained and brilliant support, as we head for 'global elections'.

Many wishes for the great 'founder students' from the United States of America : Technologist Engineer Shahzaib Khan, Jordan, Bilal, and Salar Khan

Elections are hugely and enormously Data intensive work. Founder, Engineer Shahzaib Khan, should  delight in the honour of informing Google and Twitter of The World Students Society plans and operations for the months ahead.

*And with that we return to the Joy of watching others confront their ineptitude*.

AND hundreds tried. Their replies are what take the videos from interesting to sublime - probably the factor that made it viral.

Beneath the videos are dozens of photos from people who followed its instructions ended up with hands that look like rakes and hands that look like wilted bouquets, wadlike hands studded with wrong fingers, hands whose palms vanish into previously undiscovered dimensions.

The badness of these reply hands is entertaining, but what's remarkable is their popularity. One -which looks like a banana peel stuck to a golf club that is hitting a hermit crab - was retweeted 10,000 times.

People love to watch the video in which an unknown artist makes drawing a hand look easy., but they also love the pictures in which ordinary people make it look hard.

Failure is funny, especially in this case, which has primed us with the plausible claim that anyone can draw a woman's hand before yanking us back to the truth that basically no one can draw anything at all.

The replies to the hand-drawing video constitute that rare situation in which the Internet reinforces the value of expertise rather than undermining it.

Normally the Internet's message to humanity is that we are all qualified to do whatever.

After all, it gives us the tools to do almost anything, and for most of history, the line between tool ownership and expertise has been faint.

Was the newspaper publisher really so great at shaping public discourse, or did he just own a press?

Now that I can publish to a worldwide audience from my laundry room, I have no firm evidence that my opinions are worse than those of some Washington Post columnist who has covered politics for 30 years.

It is actually pretty easy to write 800 words on politics and have it come out looking like a column. But drawing a hand that looks like hand remains hard.

Even the Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli was known for being bad at it.

In his most famous painting, Venus emerges from her scallop shell as the embodiment of beauty, until you notice her loaflike hands and feet which, which veer into unnatural angles around the third or fourth digit.

Botteceilli hands tended to be misshaped that physicians and art historians have argued he was intentionally depicting arthritis. The simpler explanation is that he wasn't great at drawing them.

The Honor and Serving of the latest Global Operational Research on the Internet, Videos and Delights, continues.

With respectful dedication to Citizens of the World, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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