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IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD : the great heroic students should begin preparations in earnest for  ''Global Elections'' on !WOW!. And

And help document, re-document, and yet, help document again - every economic transaction in their respective countries to begin building their future, Mankind's future. .

IN PROUD PAKISTAN : O''Captain Imran Khan, is in a mortal combat to get the country solvent, and to give you all - the nation and students, some semblance of a hope, for a dignified future.

Zilli, and her masterly team of 37 students researchers and statisticians, will make sure that The World Students Society comes up with world class research and that everybody complies. 

THERE ATE PLENTY of misleading videos on the Internet, but the ones we worry about are probably not the most pernicious.

Conspiracy theories and deep fakes - artificial intelligence-generated videos that depict public figures saying things they never said are scary, but in the aggregate they most likely warp our understanding less than another, more quotidian threat : instructional videos.

The short how-to video has become a thriving species in the social media ecosystem, breaking down previously specialized skills into digestible products.

These cheerful montages give us the impression that anyone can build a storage shed or cook a lentil curry so long as they take the right steps.

Typically, these steps are presented in a series of jump cuts : glimpses of header boards materializing atop wall studs, minced onions thrown into hot oil, all held together with jaunty music as words like ''lag screws'' and ''tumeric'' appear on screen.

These videos slyly elide the long hours that lie between seeing how something is done and knowing how to do it.

As of early May, my favorite instructional video had been viewed on Twitter nearly eight million times. It is soundless and without context, beginning with a pencil poised above a gray field.

The pencil draws a loop with a long tail, then another, then two more. The next seven lines defines these loops and tails as fingers.

With 11 clean strokes, not counting hatches for knuckles, the pencil draws naturalistic figure of a woman's hand, raised in a position similar to what ballet calls allonge.

I saw the hand-drawing video after it was aggregated by an account called @SatisfyingDaily, which posts ''extremely satisfying'' clips on Twitter.

These clips tend to be satisfying the way Doritos are satisfying : not nourishing so much as easy to devour. Short and generally soundless, they are for when we pick our phones without knowing what we want to see, to fill those moments with someone slicing a bar of soap.

How-to-videos are the Internet's version of Xanax, When we are unsettled by the feeling that we should be doing something, they pacify us with images of things being done.

In the hand-drawing video, the early strokes are redefined by the lines that follow; what start out looking like lazy 9s, or sperm,  become convincing fingers when other lines are drawn around them.

The progression calls attention to the enormous role our interpretation plays in a drawing and, by extension, in the act of perception.
It reminds us that what we look at is only the beginning of what we see. This idea comes across so strongly in part because the video has been made to emphasize the simplicity of the drawing.

The shot stays tightly focused on the point of the pencil, presumably so the artist's own hand stays out of frame. Each stroke is executed confidently. The message conveyed is that, from certain perspectives, a hand is just 11 lines that anyone can draw.

The Honor and Serving of Great Operational Research on Internet Videos and the Joy of watching others confront their ineptitude, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Dan Brooks.

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