AS America pulls back from Syria, Russia grows more entrenched. It intervened decisively in 2015, saving Bashar al-Asad.

With Russia's total help, the dictator has won Syria's civil war after nearly eight blood-soaked years. The authoritarian rulers of the Gulf, who loathe Mr. Assad, are conceding his victory by restoring diplomatic ties.

Having proved that it will stick with even its most monstrous allies, Russia is now seen by many as the region's indispensable power.

It alone is still talking to all of those with a stake in Syria including Iran, Israel and Turkey. But if  Russia wants to consolidate its success, and even supplant America, it must show that it can win a lasting peace after the terrible war.

Russia says Mr. Assad's heavy hand is needed to keep Syria stable. That is mistaken. Although savagery helped Mr. Assad survive, it prevents Syria's revival

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