WHEN the switch version of Cuphead was announced in a recent Nintendo Direct, it was done so with thanks to ''our friends in Microsoft''.

Not since Mario and Sonie cohabited in the same game has there been such an unprecedented entente between former rivals.

If the rumours are true then the relationship is set to deepen even further this year, but even if it doesn't at least  Switch owners are now able to enjoy this former Microsoft exclusive and one of the most visually impressive video games of the generations.

Perhaps the most extraordinary fact about indie developer StudioMDHR, which we learnt from interviewing them back in 2017, is that-

Despite initially starting out with just two people,  and having no previous experience, they taught themselves how to ink and animate purely from reading books and watching old 1930s cartoons.

The end result is not only stunning to look at but doesn't have a single polygon in sight.     [COURTESY  METRO.CO.UK] 


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