BEIJING : China held here a first-ever international horticultural exhibition to introduce the concept of ''Live Green, Live Better''.

The expo was formally inaugurated by president Xi Jinping hoping that it would open new bounds of friendship, making the life beautiful through the natural wealth, flowers, plants and trees.

The expo attracted the participation of 110 countries and international organizations. World leaders including PM Imran Khan also attended by opening the opening ceremony.

The International Horticulture Exhibition 2019 Beijing is the highest level and largest international fair held in China after the International Horticultural Exhibition held in the southwestern city Kumming in 1999, the 2010 shanghai World Expo and the first China International Import Expo in 2018.

The 2019 Beijing expo indicates that China has changed from a participant in aid Wu Shunze, an expert with the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

''The development model of 'killing the hens for eggs' and 'draining the lake for fish' is at a dead-end.

President Xi said in his speech at the opening ceremony of the expo:
''The future will be illuminated by eco-friendly development that is in accordance with the rules of nature.''

The state Council approved Beijing's  bid to host the 2019 expo in 2012, the same year when the 18th national Congress of the communist Party of  China first raised the vision of building a  ''Beautiful China.''

Since that congress, ecological civilization has been placed in the country's ''five sphere integrated plan and ''four-pronged'' comprehensive strategy with pollution control-

Carried out with unprecedented scale, institutions introduced with unprecedented intensity, environment laws enforced with unprecedented severity and the environment improved at unprecedented speed. {INP]


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