The International Street Children's Day was observed on April 12 to highlight the problems faced by these children and to help making strategies to address these problems.

While there are no official statistics the Developing World at large, but in Pakistan, say, the number of street children has been estimated in a 2015 report of the SPARC as 1.5 million.

This figure gives one a rough idea about the situation. There is a need for both the governments and the society to immediately look for way to deal with the issue.

STREET CHILDREN may be defined as children/students who make streets or unoccupied areas their home and are not under adult supervision.

Such children are sometimes referred to as children of the streets. This is meant to emphasise the distinction from children of the streets. The latter group could include beggar children and those who market their labour on the streets.

They still might have families or homes to go to where some guardian takes care of them. However, the children of the street have no adult supervision and no guardian to take care of them.

There are various reasons for the emergence of children ''of the street'' .

Most frequently it all begins with domestic violence. Children who face domestic violence or work, find themselves in a very difficult position. They are traumatised and live in a constant state of fear. Some of them may have been abused by adults either verbally, physically or sexually.

In some segments of the society the parents are believed to to have a right to beat up their children.  Then their is abuse of  domestic child labour at the hands  mostly of their employers.

Children in such situations often discover that the only way out is escape.  Some of these children get lucky and end up with charities. The rest of them end up on the streets where they are subject to to severe health hazards, uncertain livelihood, and violent conditions.

At one point it becomes impossible for these children to reintegrate into the main stream society.

The sad honor and serving of this publishing continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher A Masood Abbasi.


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