Headline April 25, 2018/ '' 'SOLAR POWERED COWS' '' : REVOLUTION



IN PROUD PAKISTAN : THE O'' CAPTAIN - sounds the first alarm with a gong, of a looming Iran-Like, REVOLUTION.

Merium, Rabo, Dee, Saima, Sarah, Aqsa, Zilli, Haleema and Hussain, call for an urgent Founders Meeting.

I stop, look at History, Geography, Time and Tide, and the Founders, join me, - The World Students Society, joins me, in giving the O''Captain a standing ovation.

With Almighty God's blessings, I hope to cover it in a Head Line Post, in the very looming future. Zilli, still needs a few days, to round off the operational research and analysis.

Up north, in Azerbaijan, Crude oil gets touted as health cure.

IMMERSED up to her neck in dark vicious liquid, Sulfiya smiles in delight, confident that the fetid substance will cure her painful condition.

Sulfiya, a Russian woman in her 60s, has traveled to Azerbaijan's north western city of Naftalan in the hope that crude oil baths at a local sanatorium will end her years of suffering of polyarthritis, a disease affecting her joints.

''This is so pleasant,'' she enthuses, despite the reek of engine oil.

In the Poverty ridden world of sub-Saharan Africa, solar powered 'cow' helps children  swap farming for classes.

CHILDREN from poor families in sub-Saharan Africa have been able to swap cleaning up cowpats for lessons thanks -

Thanks to a solar power project that rewards for sending them to school.

South Korean solar firm Yolk has designed a cow-shaped solar power station for schools that can be used to charge power banks for families while their children are in class.

The design references the fact that many children are removed from school in order to care for their family's cattle.

''The kids not come to school because of the cows and now they can come to school because of a  cow - but it's a solar cow,'' SungUn Chang, the chief executive of Yolk, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

About 262 million children between the ages 6 and 17 - or one out of every five globally - do not attend school, according to data from the United Nations education body UNESCO, which said access to education was largely shaped by wealth.

Many poor families require children to stay at home and help with household tasks.

''The parent is the key man - so all this is about how we persuade parents to send their kids to school,'' said Chang.

She began researching how the company could help tackle child labour and said she quickly realised  they had to offer a tangible incentives to families.

''If the value is similar or more, then they're willing to send their children to school rather than the  work-place,'' she said.

As a solar company, energy was an obvious solution - and power is also an expensive commodity in developing countries.

Many rural homes are not connected to the grid, meaning that households may have to walk hours to reach a charging shop and pay to charge devices such as phones.

''Solar cow'' charging stations are installed in schools and pupils are given a milk-bottle-shaped power bank which the plug into to charge if they attend class and take home at the end of the school day to provide households with electricity.

Each milk bottle contains about a dollar's worth of electricity - a significant asset for the poorest families - and it can also be connected to a bulb fitting to provide up to 10 hours of light.

The first solar cow was set up in Pokot, Kenya, in July 2018, and Chang said it has resulted in children attending classes more regularly.

Yolk plans to establish several more in Tanzania with funding from South Korean International  Corporation Agency, a government aid and development agency.

''They can create a really big impact,'' said Chang.

''When you solve problems like child labour it regulates a lot money - but because we use solar energy, the power of nature in a creative way, it can be a lot easier.''

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