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The World Students Society stops and stands, to give President Donald J Trump, the great nation of America, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers, a standing ovation.

The World Students Society is the exclusive ownership of every student of America, just as it is the exclusive ownership of every student in the world.

Engineer -Trustee- Founder Shahzaib Khan Yusafzai, and his team of regular geniuses, should ponder world class work on, ''The World's Democratic & Voting Exercise''.

The conceptual design system must incorporate learning and practice, runs for the students to get practicing and learning, before they set out 'voting' to elect the Presidents of their respective countries

IF SUCH is the case then it would be interesting to see young students/graduates heading to become  professional politicians but what should be their credentials or better still, what qualifications are required to become certified politicians?

Many have tried to answer this question and have come up with both positive as well as negative conclusions in sketching the profiles of known politicians.

However, applying common sense and historical evidence one can say that the most prominent attribute of a politician should be leadership.

The ability to attract potential voters with rhetoric [which means that oratory is an art that must be mastered], the quality of appealing to the masses with attractive slogans, promises of a bright future, display of confidence sufficient enough to win over the electorate and compete with other politicians in a way that elevates his/her position to become the most favorite candidate.

Democracy as a popular form of government has taken roots in most of the countries of the world which means that parliaments are filled with elected representatives and politicians or leaders.

In the context of the First World, many decades of systematic process of elections has helped to filter-out undesirable elements from politics leaving the space for genuine aspirants.

Politics there is not a game that can be played only by the ones with wealth and power but ordinary, middle-class folks can also harbor political ambitions.

The most appropriate examples are that of Barrack Obama of U.S.A. and Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand who hail from humble and non-political backgrounds. In the Third World, Jose Mujica, Hugo Rafael Chavez and Narendra Modi are some noteworthy examples.

From its birth, Proud Pakistan has not been very fortunate in its democratic evolvement that has been marked with coups and years of military dictatorship.

Consequently, politics got confined to landlords and those who were blessed with money power.

Vested interests took precedence over public welfare and interest that pushed a rapidly progressing country into regression and reverse gear.

For perpetuation of rule, some unqualified and unscrupulous people were brought into power who, by virtue of extended phases of government began rating themselves as politicians par excellence, selling themselves in lieu of votes.

Once in power, it became imperative for them to create mafias that could penetrate in the electorate  and ensure inflow of votes in elections.

The term 'mafia'' connotes usage of threats and violence to keep the public sufficiently terrorized that it fails to use its conscious mind while choosing candidates.

No effort is made to enlighten and educate lest they become worthy enough to compete in the race for power. A suppressed public with no vision is a sure shot ticket to victory.

At least that is what democracy in Proud Pakistan's past, seems to be. 

The honor and Serving of the latest Global Operational Research on Voting, Democracy, and Future, continues.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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