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STUDENT HABIB KHAN, by any fair metric was one hell of a brave lad. Articulate and kind, generous and respectful, and full of life, zest and knowledge.

He was also  one of the earliest and one of the  greatest admirers and well-wishers of The World Students Society. He would beam-up talking about Sam Daily Times : ''The Voice Of The Voiceless''.

Even when on ''chemo'' he walked a good  kilometre to receive me, and guide me in, smartphone in hand, shooting selfies with me, as he went about narrating his horrors.

His memory and spirit, very fresh, he now adorns many sections of The Ecosystem 2011. The World Students Society stops to pay respects, and to honor his great dreams of building a great world for the generations to come.

True to the name of Habib Khan's  great family, his forward dreams have now been taken up by his nephew, student Zaeem Khan, who in every likelihood would be contesting national elections on The World Students Society.

THE UNPREDICTABILITY OF LIFE AND DEATH - sounds like an overused cliche. We often only see tragedies in works of fiction we watch on television or read about in books - or most, about an acquaintance suffer through.

But then we wake up the next day and carry on with our business, However, having to suffer the loss of loved ones first hand at a young age is unfathomable, even when it becomes reality. But such is the fickleness of our moody destiny.

Such ruminations are founded on suffering a personal tragedy recently - of having come to terms with with loosing three young and dear friends in a tragic accident.

Whereas statistically such an occurrence is an outlier, an exception to the rule, coming to terms with it also means feeling vulnerable about all human relations one holds dear.

Do we live each day with the assumption that our loved ones may not be present tomorrow? Do we avoid petty quarrels based on the unpredictability of life?

Do we express our emotions as we feel them without holding ourselves back? Do we try to capture every moment with the intention of some day having it as the only thing that brings those we love to life?

These are just some of the uneasy questions that come to mind as one starts to process grief in the  modern age.

We all grieve in different ways, but there are many similarities amongst the majority. One of the biggest risks to mental and emotional well-being after losing a dear one is holding one's feelings in.

Not talking about how one is feeling, avoiding mentioning a loved who has passed away and on, and shutting one's mind off in general can do a lot more damage than strengthen those in grief.

How we process memory, however, can change our circumstances a lot.

For me, thinking of warm infectious smiles of Hina, Isha and Rimsha, their positive outlook towards life, and their resolute dedication to living life on their own terms inspires me to carry on.

Hina, just two weeks back on Valentine's Day, was gifted a card by her primary school student  telling her how much she was loved for being so good to her students - it was  just not her friends  and family that she looked after with her warmth and selflessness.

Isha was trying to choose between two great job offers in the humanitarian sector, with both her ex-employers trying to convince her to rejoin them - her resolute dedication to achieving excellence was similar to the thoughtful gifts she got her friends and family.

Rimsha had just taken up a new work assignment instead of applying for further education because she wanted to gain diverse experience before she could decide to specialise in particular field.

Always clear about doing things right, whether an uneasy apology to a friend or being sensitive to family's expectations.

The Honor and Serving of this great research and experience on ''Life and Living'' continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Usama Khilji.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of world.

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