INTERACTIVE ART EXHIBITION allows visitors to touch, feel and even eat the materials used.

IT'S not often that one gets a feel of the material an artist works with. An exhibition at the Piramal  Museum of Arts, Lower Parel, Mumbai, aim to give visitors a sense of that by exhibiting art pieces with the medium alongside it.

The audience is encouraged to glimpse at the process an artist goes through in bringing an artwork to life.

Making Art - Materials & Technology is the show curated by Piramal Museum of Art Director Ashvin E Rajagopalan with art historian Vaishnavi Ramanthan.

''We want to talk about how art is made so audiences can get a better idea how much work goes in to make an art piece.

The curatorial art agenda is to teach somebody to view art better, simplify the process of appreciating it,'' Ashvin E Rajagopalan said.

The different materials and mediums include charcoal, ink and graphite, paints and pigments, sculpture, printmaking, photography and digital media. [Courtesy Indian Express].


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