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WHEN BITFURY came to Georgia, one Bitcoin was worth around $350, It spiked to nearly $20,000  in December 2017 before tumbling; in recent days, Bitcoin has traded at about $3,600.

Big players like Bitfury have bandwidth to keep operating. But smaller investors have been far more vulnerable.

In village across Georgia, an estimated 200,000 people secured mining computers to set up in basements and garages. For young people especially who struggled in a tough economy, Bitcoin seemed an alluring alternative to just making ends meet.

Joining the rush was George Kirvalidze, now 35, the former owner of a small Internet company in the town of Kvareli, three hours from Tabilisi in Georgian wine country. About half the town's 6,000  households have some kind of a mining rig, he said.

''Most people who bought in thought high prices would last forever,'' said Mr. Kirvalidze, who has managed to mine 20 Bitcoins.

Even farmers got involved. ''At one point it was more profitable than owning a cow,'' he said. ''Now it's not so sure.''

Crytptocurrencies live off a blizzard of mathematical calculations. Computers around the world compete to solve complex formulas on the blockchain. When a mining computer gets the right answer, it is given a bundle of new Bitcoins as a reward.

The calculating heats computers, and the energy demand - to power the computers and to cool them - has spiraled in places where such currencies are pursued.

Forty-five minutes from the center of Tbilisi, trucks rumble over two-lane roads and past faded pink and yellow high-rises A prison, in matching pink and yellow paint, blights a cow pasture.

In the middle of the valley rises the gray confines of Bitfury, plunked on a concrete strip covering dozens of acres and protected by guards and a high fence.

In a warehouse as big as a Walmart, IIia Koranashvili, a muscular engineer with a snake tatoo, walked around 160 hermetically sealed stainless-steel tanks filled with power-efficient chips and a special cooling liquid.

The tanks are Bitfury's experiment to keep energy costs down and make the mining cost effective almost anywhere, said Mr. Koranshvili, who heads Bitfury's monitoring team.

Industry estimates suggest that the company mines just over 5 percent of all Bitcoins, although no one would say how much was being mined here.

But competitors in Georgia believe it has been a fortune.

Vakhtang Gogokhia the chief executive of Golden Fleece, a small mining start-up, said he was pulling in around 10 Bitcoins a month using one megawatt of energy enough to light 1,000 homes. Bitfury says it constantly consumes at least 45 megawatts of energy, though Mr. Gogokhia suspects it is more.

Zurab Tchiaberashvilli, a lawmaker from European Georgia, the largest opposition party in Parliament, said the government's generosity towards Bitfury had-deprived Georgians of millions in tax revenue. ''It's a huge conflict of interest,'' he said.

Still, as the swing in Bitcoin prices highlights the uncertain nature of cryptocurrencies, the government isn't putting all of its eggs in one basket.

''Georgia is interesting for a cryptocurrency miners,'' said Mr. Kobulia, the economic minister. ''But  would it be a major source of our economic growth?'' Maybe not.''

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