Headline March 21, 2018/ '' 'OFF NUCLEAR WAR' ''


NORTH KOREAN LEADER Kim Jong Un suspends nuclear talks with ''gangster-like'' United States : Diplomat.

And with that another cycle of Nuclear work gets going. In this very current century, the world and mankind are under the greatest threat of total extinction.

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TWO of the world's smallest nuclear powers and poorest countries, where more than a majority live under the poverty line have egos the size of the Sun.............................

THE POSSIBILITY OF NUCLEAR WAR  between Pakistan and India was widely debated over the past many, many weeks. Let us take a look at the aftermath of such a horrifying misadventure.

Nine sovereign nuclear states across the world share between them approximately 14,000 nuclear missiles.

Three nuclear flash points exist in today's era : America and North Korea, Russia and NATO, and Pakistan and India. The  Line of Control [LOC] between Pakistan and India is the most volatile place in the world right now as both nuclear states stare at the dreary possibility of a nuclear clash.

A nuclear confrontation anywhere in the world would have similar effects : a  smoky sky, long-term  climatic effects, dead crops and starvation, radiation poisoning, skin cancer and generally deformed births.

Not to mention the countless casualties at the site of the nuclear explosion due to blast, heat and fallout.

Brian Toon, Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado, has studied nuclear warfare for almost 4 decades.

He summarised the aftermath of a nuclear war in this era as ''the end of the world.

Within days of an atomic blast, the resultant hot soot - [black smoke produced by incomplete combustion of hydrocarbon] would rise some miles above the earth up to atmosphere where it would envelop the earth.

This soot sheath would prevent direct sunlight and heat from reaching the earth, dropping the earth's temperature. This is described as ''nuclear winter'' with ice-age-like conditions.

Sunlight would be unavailable for plants to undergo photosynthesis - the process by which plants produce nutrients to survive and function normally. The immediate result would be dead crops and global starvation.

Toon estimated that with agriculture produce ceased following a nuclear clash would lead to  worldwide starvation within 2 months. Exports would halt and millions by millions would die as collateral damage.

The ensuing smoke of a nuclear blast would create a near-global hole in the protective ozone layer  triggering a global health crisis and horribly painful extinction.

Consequently, ultraviolet [UV] radiations from the sun would reach the earth unopposed and age skin cells and destroy their DNA, increasing the risk of skin burns and skin cancer.

The same UV rays would also cause a permanent blindness.

Hibakusha is a Japanese origin word used for the unfortunate victims of the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 74 years into this tragedy and babies are still being born with genetic deformities.

A nuclear war, say in the South Asia would would be disastrous for hundreds of generations to come. Bone-marrow death - wherein red blood cells and platelet production decreases - is another deadly outcome of an  atomic explosion.

This increases the likelihood of infections and bleeding.

What Pakistan and India have achieved by decades of stubbornness and wars could easily, easily rest on an eyelash.

The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Dr. Raja Khalid Bashir.

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