Headline February 21, 2018/ '' 'STUDENTS UNIQUE SAPPHIRES' ''



The central point spins around many challenges: Justice, Peace, Harmony, Challenges, Support, Jobs, and life of fulfillment. 

JUST as their very dire needs are : Great Global Elections, *Students Davos Point*, An online  Microfinance Bank, Cryptocurrency interface and integration, And a World Class *Global Indexing Company* somewhat along the lines of Standard & Poor, Moody, etc.

So, to respond at the philosophic level, there are two kinds of students in the world.: proactive and reactive. The proactive ones take responsibility and control of their lives.

Thus continuing with this line of thinking..The sixth rule is to synergise. Habit 6 focuses on how to get to synergy, you must celebrate diversity instead of shunning. People who celebrate diversity see differences as ways to get more creative which then opens up more chances.

They realize that there differences are beneficial to each other, and they can accomplish great work with it. Also people learn differently they may learn to be linguistic, logical, bodily-kinaesthetic, spatial, musical, interpersonal or intrapersonal.

Since we all think differently, we may also see interpret things differently. We also have different styles, traits and characteristics. As you can see no two humans can be similar, so why doesn't everyone accept it and synergise? Well, there are barriers. One of them is being ignorant.

Then there are cliques who don't value anything. People judge others from their physical appearance without even getting to know them. Although these kind of people exist, there are many who celebrate.

Lastly, sharpen the saw. The last habit talks about how the ''sharpening'' yourself allows you to excel in all the other habits. To rejuvenate yourself, four key components are : the body, brain, heart and soul.

It is important to distribute your effort into the 4 areas evenly. Covey explains to take care of the body, you must exercise, eat healthy, sleep well, and relax. Also he stresses that you shouldn't be obsessed with getting the body you see in ''magazines'' and movies.

Being too obsessed with this can lead to eating disorders and straining yourself out with too much exercise.

Another thing he pointed out was that drugs are very addicting and its hard to quit, so never start because of peer pressure or curiosity because in the end, you are just destroying yourself. Next he moves into the caring for the brain.

It is said not to ruin your chances to learn. Taking time to really sharpen your brain, will open up more opportunities. Even if you don't like learning, there will always be something that interest you.

What are teens full of? Emotions. To keep yourself from bursting like a bubble, you have to nurture your heart. Sometimes students/teens will also undergo depression, and Covey explains that no matter how bad things may be, there will always be a happy future waiting for you.

Find something that makes you laugh because laughing can help reduce stress and help us cope with hard times.

Lastly care for your own soul. By implementing this you will be able to get in touch with your inner self and be inspired. Do acts such as meditating, writing and drawing.

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