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THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TEENS:............  By Sean Covey is ''A true gift for the teenage soul''..............

The fourth rule advises think win-win.

THIS chapter talks about how everyone can win and be happy. Besides the win-win situations, Covey also explains win-lose, lose-win and lose-lose situations.

Win-lose situations often involve one person outdoing another or ''I'm better than you'' attitudes. Sometimes people may even put other down to get ahead denying other's feelings.

Usually these kinds of people may find themselves winning, but they are alone and friendless. Lose-win situations are are sort of like the opposite of win-lose. In a lose-win situation, one person usually allows the other to win, and they keep their true thoughts to themselves because they don't want to cause a big scene.

They lack willpower and allow others to get in their way on important matters. It is crucial that people shouldn't get trapped in the lose-win cycle or else they will get stepped on. When two win-lose people get together, it equals to lose-lose situation.

Since both people are trying to beat one another none, none of them wins. Also lose-lose teens think that if they can't get it, no one can! As you can tell, these situations won't help help you grow. The solution is to win-win.

That is where you care about yourself but also want others to succeed. You share the success and treat everyone the same which results in victory for all. Getting into the win-win habit may sound easy, but there are obstacles that you need to overcome.

The two obstacles presented in this chapter are competing and comparing.

Competition is a great motivation to push ourselves to the next level, but it can become your enemy when you use it as a way to outdo your someone else. Then there is competition's twin, comparison. Comparing yourself can make you feel very unstable and make you feel inferior to others, which is very unhealthy.

Although having a win-win attitude is difficult, let's get into the habit of it because it can do wonders with a relationship!

The fifth rule recommended seek first to understand, then to be understood.

You may think listening is as easy as talking, but there are many steps to being a genuine listener. The first thing you must do listen with your eyes, heart and ears before opening your mouth.

People want to be understood, and if they feel love and understanding from you, they'll open up, but if you try to rush into the situation before knowing anything, they'll feel let down.

To avoid these bad listening skills, the book states that when you're listening, don't just listen to the words but feel the emotions. Also it is important to see the story from their point of view.

Mirroring is putting the person's word into your own. The method is great because it really makes the other person feel like you're listening, and understanding them.

Seeking to understand is very important but so is seeking to be understood, you have to make sure to give feedback after listening to someone.

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