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IN MY PERSONAL PRAYERS AND THE  PRAYERS OF Grandparents, Parents, Professors and Teachers, The Universe stops..............

To give the Founders of The World Students Society from many, many countries of the entire world,  - from this, very great first conceptual host country : Proud Pakistan, a standing ovation

*And The World Students Society stops to thank most profoundly and give the Leaders of the entire world, a standing ovation.*

Every student has a voice. Every student is equal on The World Students Society, all revenues belong to the students, all students governed by their elected members, and lastly, all students answerable to their conscience and their God.

HAVE YOU EVER thought about a list of successful tips handed over to you that can help you be a  pioneering teenager/student?

YES, I am suggesting Sean Covey's book. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens which is of great command for teenagers to lead a life of triumph. It is an international bestseller updated for the  digital age.

It's a true gift for the teenage soul,'' Jan Causfield says of the book. The seven main guidelines suggested are as following:

The first rule says to be proactive. It means that there are two kinds of people in the world: proactive and reactive people. The proactive people take responsibility and take control of themselves.

On the other hand, the reactive people blame others, wait for things to happen and complain about everything.

Although being reactive is the easier route and requires no willpower whereas being proactive is more beneficial. Also this book emphasis that one thing you are in control of is yourself and that proactive people don't let rude comments and fights affect their attitude and decisions.

Everyone should strive to be more proactive because they have a can-do attitude bounces back from bad events and don't dwell upon the misfortunes and whereas reactive people have reversed natures.

The second rule says to begin with end in mind. Without having an end in mind, you won't know which path to take. The book articulates, you to imagine your future self and imagine what your future self has experienced in past.

Also the book states that of we are not in control of our own destiny, we will often follow anyone who is willing to lead. A person should know about his/her values to not initiate the same interests as friends which may get the person into drugs or determine what career path they choose.

Sean Convey expresses that the best way he found to do this is to write a mission statement. A mission statement can be anything from poems to songs and uncovering your talents can help develop it.

There were also many other great tips such as writing your goals down and roping up with people who can help you or have the same goal. Lastly my desired part about this habit was, it expressed that life is too short, so we should make it extraordinary.

The third rule suggests put first thing first. Few things are important and some are not. Well the answer to the perfect combination includes the priorities. The prioritiser plans ahead does all the important things that need to get done and they don't procrastinate.

We all slack off at times, procrastinate, and don't have the willpower to say no. Slackers waste their time doing unimportant stuff. Then their are procrastinators and who do everything important at the last second like cramming in a for a test or finishing the book report that's due tomorrow.

Last there's the yes-man who caves into great pressure or says yes to things he really not interested in. This makes us learn that we need to make myself into a prioritiser category.

This also helps us learn that stepping out of comfort zone leads to step ahead. This book has taught about disciplines of how to be strong and get oneself in certain habits such as waking up on time and not falling into peer pressure.

Time to begin thinking win-win-win.

The Honor and Serving of  latest need and thinking on : Peace, Love, Humanity, Education and Students continues. The World Students Society thanks researcher, and reviewer Student Afza Raheel.

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