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*VIOLENT ACTION FILMS* don't cause more violence among teenagers, say psychiatrists.

VIOLENT ACTION FILMS don't cause more violence among teenagers, according to new study that claims there is no link between rises in crime and onscreen acts.

Researchers cross-referenced films that depicted violence and crime rates and found no evidence that violence in society was caused by PG-13 rated movies.

The findings came just days Britain's rating body ruled that under -15s would no longer be able to see films that depict rape and other sexual violence.  It had been thought that violent scenes in movies and TV were becoming increasingly gruesome.

There has been a widespread speculation that each generation of viewers became desensitised to onscreen violence which in turn, fuels crime and murder.

A new study looking at the on screen depiction of guns and crime rates found no effect on violence in society by PG-13 rated movies, equivalent to the UK's 12A.

The British Board of Film Classification [BBFC] surveyed more than 10,000 people and found it to be among parents' main concerns.

Professor of Psychology Christopher Ferguson of Stetson university in DeLand Florida, who conducted the new research, says the public health threat  of violent movies may be ''Difficult to substantiate''

He said some parents could become desensitised to violence in PG-13 rated movies and, if so, were more likely to bring their children to see such movies, particularly when gun violence appeared to be justified.

The worry that violence in cause horrific acts of violence is certainly not new. 'For example, media scholars previously argued that violent portrays in cinema seem to encourage copycat killings and even that the apparent rise in school shootings coincide with increases in violent films.'

Scholars have claimed that 10 percent of violence in society can be attributed to the impact of violent media.

'Perhaps not surprisingly politicians, the media and laypersons often grasp onto such statements and assume researchers have actually found a link between violent films and horrific acts of violence,'    Professor Ferguson said.

'However claims about the public health threat movies may be different to substantiate.

Professor Ferguson added : 'Evidence suggests that edgier, more violent content may increase in PG-13 and PG movies over time.

This is is because PG-13 rated movies may be considered particularly marketable, as action-oriented  fun but without the graphicness that parents may consider inappropriate for younger children.

'This had been called a 'rating creep'. However, whether it is an actual problem for public health remains unknown, they're the research gap we aimed to fill  on the study'.

He hypothesised that years in which films were more violent would also exhibit higher rates of  violent crime, and that a rise in gun violence depicted in PG-13 rated movies would be associated  with changes in gun related homicides.

'Thus, the 'low hanging fruit' argument that suggests parents should should reduce their children exposure to violent movies as a simple way of reducing exposure to  risk-factors for crime, may cause more harm than good.

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