THE bleeding wounds of mankind have been crying for healing for the last 72 years. The conscience of the human beings reminds them again and again about injustice being done with the Kashmiri people.

Yet, the self-interest and motivated persons have averted their eyes from the hopelessly tragic problem.

It is the unfinished agenda of the partition of the sub-continent in August, 1947. According to the  Partition Plan [June 3 plan] 1947 the Royal States were to decide to join any of the states i.e Pakistan or India.

Kashmir was deprived of the right.

The problem of Kashmir has been on the agenda of the United Nations since 1948/49. The General Assembly of the UN passed a resolution to extend the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir to decide their future.

In the beginning, the Indian leaders assured complying with the provisions of the resolution but rather soon they turned away.

Since then, the United Nations has been failed to put pressure on its members to honor the resolution.

In order to sensitize the world and attract the attention of the world to solve the outstanding issue of Kashmir, the Government of Pakistan announced in 1991 that it would mark February 5 every year as Kashmir Day.

This is the twenty eighth  Kashmir Day being celebrated but the problem has grown even more complex, profound, and horrific.

The World Students Society thanks author Dr. Khalil-ur- Rahman Sheikh and assures him of our every effort, prayer and voice.


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