Heatwaves Strike Australia

Heat waves in Australia are once again shattering the records that were set just a few years ago with temperatures frequently reaching above 40C and barely cooling enough during nights.

Australia witnessed the highest ever recorded minimum overnight when the community of Noona couldn't cool beyond 35.9C on Friday at 7 am. And by noon it was 45C.

On Tuesday, South Australian cities, Tarcoola and Port Augusta endured their hottest days on record (49C and 48.9C respectively) and nine more records were broken in NSW on Wednesday.

The figures by Bureau of Meteorology also shows that the country faced hottest December on record. December 27 was the hottest December day when maximum temperature of 40.19C averaged across the country. It was also the second hottest day on record for any month.

Forecasters are comparing the heatwave to that of 2013 when the mercury soared to 39C for seven consecutive days.

According to the Bureau the temperatures are expected to cool in the south-east Australia but the rest of south "will be much much hotter, getting into the mid 40s probably from around Tuesday.”


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