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''THE WORLD OUT TO HEED'' : Just no point in killing each other and fighting skirmishes, battles and wars The Climate alone is all set to get you all,

The climate disaster is hitting the world far more often and and at far too many places than we know : extreme climate events have become a very regular phenomenon.

Captain, are Ye listening? In Proud Pakistan, the heatwave that took more than 1,200 lives in Karachi only two years ago has since been visiting us with greater frequency and intensity. At 50.4C, Nawabshah in Sindh recorded in April 2018, the highest temperatures ever recorded globally.

ANNUAL AVERAGE TEMPERATURES - are projected to increase dramatically by 2050,

Floods and hydro-disasters since 2010 - when 20 million Pakistanis were directly affected - have become an annual feature. In one end of the country, we are fast losing our coastline to seawater rise and intrusion..

But tragically, in US, for example, policymakers often resist imposing prices on greenhouse gas emissions, despite the fact that doing so would stimulate the shift towards cleaner energy.

There is also a desire to cater to incumbents in energy and other economic sectors, and an unwillingness to accept the facts of climate change.

We see this repeatedly. In the United States, policymakers and public activists have been discussing climate change for over 30 years but have made only modest gains.

As recently as last November, just weeks after the October release of the alarming IPCC report, a carbon-tax ballot initiative failed in Washington State, one of the most environmentally progressive states in the country.

Similarly, countries around the world have taken only tepid and inconsistent steps to protect biodiversity. Moreover, international climate and environmental agreements often lack teeth.

While progress has been made to finalise the so-called Paris rulebook - the regulations that will govern implementation of the Paris agreement - most policing mechanisms have encountered resistance from countries that put near-term costs above longer term benefits.

In fact, a big part of the problem is precisely this either-or framing of the issue. Too often, climate related strategies are presented as impossible choices between energy security and environmental protection, or between economic growth and reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions.

Our data show that this is a simplistic narrative that won't serve as well in the long run. The most productive approach is one that accounts for environmental, social and economic needs.

To be sure, meeting the climate-change challenge will require major adjustments to industrial and agricultural systems. We will need new policies that hold polluters accountable, embrace investment in natural infrastructure, establish protected areas, and support smarter planning.

But all of this possible. As with any policy shift some sectors or individuals will incur new costs; this is especially true for policies addressing pollution, biodiversity loss, and other consequences not accounted for in marketplace transactions.

But polluters should shoulder more of the climate-change burden. For many others - such as farmers, fishermen, and clean-energy producers - upending the status quo would actually bring more economic and environmental benefits, not less.

The stakes are too high for inaction. Around the world, communities are being damaged or destroyed by rising oceans and extreme weather, while safe drinking water is fast becoming a luxury.

I still believe we will navigate the threats we face, but even a climate optimist knows the sentiment may not last forever.

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